Main character

Major Houses

Oda House (織田家)

Uesugi House (上杉家)

Mouri House (毛利家)

Shimazu House (島津家)

Takeda House (武田家)

Other Houses

in general North-South order

Nanbu House (南部家)

Mogami House (最上家)

Date House (伊達家)

Satake House (佐竹家)

Houjou House (北条家)

Togashi House (富樫家)

Imagawa House (今川家)

Tokugawa House (徳川家)

Saitou House (斎藤家)

Asakura House (朝倉家)

Azai House (浅井家)

Kuki House (九鬼家)

Amago House (尼子家)

Honganji (本願寺)

Chousokabe House (長宗我部家)

Murakami Marines (村上水兵)

Oouchi House (大内家)

Ootomo House (大友家)

Ryuuzouji House (龍造寺家)

Ashikaga-Shougun House (足利将軍家)

Independent (無所属)

Historical Base

Sengoku Hime/Characters/Historical Base

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