Picking your alleigence

The first time you pick the game, there are four houses from which you can choose to serve:

  • Oda
  • Uesugi
  • Shimazu
  • Mouri

There are two additional unlocks you can achieve:

  • Takeda
  • Any house

General game flow

Each turn is divided into 5 phases:

  • Update Phase
  • Army preparation Phase
  • Administration Phase
  • Troop movement Phase
  • Battle Phase

Instead of each house taking turns after each other, they take phases after each other. In other words, when a turn starts, each house go through the update phase one by one, then once all houses have been through the update phase, they one by one go through the army preparation phase etc. etc.

Update Phase

Turn Based Strategy, every decision you make will cause CP, and u can
only have a max 16 CP per turn

Army Preparation

  • sdg (1 CP)
  • Draft - Increases troop size for captains(1 CP)
    • When choosing this option, the game will ask if you want to spend 1 CP to proceed.
    • To increase troop size, first select a captain who's troops you want to increase. Then click the left arrow to increase the amount of troops.
    • Circle button to confirm. X button to cancel. Down arrow button to return to the previous screen.
  • Purchase Guns - Purchases guns for captains(1 CP)
    • Same procedure as increasing troop size.
  • Information
    • First button displays troop info in a list
    • Second button ...
    • Third button ...
  • End Turn

Administration Phase

Each consist of 5 phase
Event : news from around the country, who recruiting who (including
you) allies formed, revoked, harvest, plagues etc. etc.
Military : You can reward your officer who's loyalty is low using the 1st
You can draft soldiers for your officers, but only 1 officer in 1
one territory using the 2nd button
You can buy rifles for your officers, only 1 officer per turn
Domestic : 1st : increasing your cities defence
2nd : Increasing your koku (i don't know what that kanji
really means, but i think it's effect your income per turn
3nd : Increasing your farms, maybe...???
4th : Collecting taxes
5th : move your officers
6th : Forge Alliance
7th : recruiting enemy officers
8th : Talk with girl/girls,

Troop Movement Phase

Battle Phase

After you decide which city you will attack, you will encounter enemies,
fighting in a 3-3 mode. If you bring more than 3 officers, later in the war,
you can replace him with another officers. Else if you bring less than 3
officers, one officer shall distribute his troops in to 2 or 3.
Decide who'll gonna be the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd troops
1st, 2nd, 3rd is to issue order to that troops
on the sub menu for each troops
1st forward one square
2nd long spear attack
3rd rifle attack (if you have assigned any to your troops)
4th Charge
5th backward one square, increasing moral
6th is to exchange your officer from the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd
7th back to previous menu
4th is to call reinforcement
5th is to back to the city (in case you're defending one)
6th run away and lose 7th end your turn
Win, if you can kill any officers defending, in 20 turns
Lose, if one of your officers lost
If you win, or there are no defending force on the city, you will siege the
city. 1st button is to raid the city, but decreasing your troops, 2nd button
is same with the 1st but it doesn't decrease your troops, it decrease
your money. Last is run like hell. you win if you can drop the city defence
in 3 turn

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