The stage of the story is the world where the perestroika of the Soviet Union doesn't succeed, and the cooped-up feeling of a socialist nation is not superable like the existing regime.


Kusaki Masato is an excellent self-defense force official who served as the divisional commander of Eastern Army of the Ground Self-Defense Force to whom the future had been expected.

A Soviet federal government tried to cancel it because it turns the contradiction of domestic affairs to the expedition. And finally Japan is invaded in January, 2007 though it will refrain from the marriage to having Emi who is his lover in two weeks, and spent happy as such every day.

The attack to Niigata was begun.

The defeat is done through necessity ahead of enemy's overwhelming military force though Kurosaki captain makes a sortie to harden the defense of Tokyo unavoidably.

Tokyo decisive battle that the sky is dyed to color of blood

One missile hits the apartment house directly in the town in Tokyo that had turned into ruins.

The room of Emi who waited for the return of Kurosaki was hit directly, and the roaring sound affected the vicinity.

It was a start of the nightmare for the captain, and the beginning of event of the series of defeats war of Japan army.

In several months

Tokyo and Japanese Government that lost a well-known base named Osaka opened the transitional government in Fukuoka, and, then, catain Masato Kurosaki spent every day like the omission husk.

Sadness of losing person who loves.

Suffering that loses irreplaceable person.

It was appointment to a resistance toward Soviet operation and total a commander integration and martial that was told to captain suddenly this year where it lived in spiritlessness.

"Just good for search for the death place cc" It is an integral female android that appeared in front of Kurosaki undertaken in such feelings equipped with strategy arms generalization system (TGS).

An imperfect machine doll that influenced it was given to the character having been managed by efficient AI as a subordinate while the unlimited potential was kept secret by strengthening the combat program.

The fight of the machine doll that searches for the mind of the commander and me "Kurosaki" who requests the death place from the battlefield starts now.

Source: Getchu Source: Cyc Main official Site

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