The Service Runway is the 3rd level in GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. It is also one of the shortest levels, and the last level to take place in Arkangelsk.

Mission Information

  • Secret Agent: James Bond
  • Mission 1: Arkangelsk
  • Part iii: Runway


  • Find plane ignition key (Agent+)
  • Escape in plane (Agent+)
  • Destroy missile battery (Secret Agent+)
  • Destroy heavy gun emplacements (00 Agent+)


The service runway is the obvious escape route from the Arkangelsk chemical weapons facility.

M Briefing

006 knew this was going to be a risky mission. His sacrifice should give you enough time to find an aircraft.

Keep a cool head and you'll get out alive. Just be certain to knockout the heavy gun emplacements and missile battery, or they'll swat you out of the air like a silly fly.

Q Branch

No time for gadgets here, 007. Just improvise with what you can find close to hand.


Grace under pressure, as always, James.


  • Plane Ignition Key


  • PP7
  • Hand Grenades


There is a tank located on the far right side of the building you start in. You can climb in and cause mass destruction by blowing up enemies, or running them over.

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