Shadow Hearts: Covenant is a sequel to Shadow Hearts for the PlayStation 2. It, in turn has one sequel, Shadow Hearts: From the New World.


In 1914, from a single shot fired, a war erupted that encompassed the entire world. This was the beginning of the first World War.

One half year after the start of World War I, the advancing Imperial German Army is determined to take the small village of Domremy in Northern France. A patrol, lead by the Imperial German Army officer Karin Koenig, is sent to Domremy, where a monster of terrible power is rumoured to live.

Once inside the village, an unknown force wipes out Karin's entire patrol. Struggling to remain conscious, she manages to catch a glimpse of a dark, winged Demon reverting to human form...

Main Characters

YuriYuri Hyuga.

Called a Godslayer by some, feared by most, this anti-hero has the power to call upon the souls of various monsters to aid him in battle. Since the loss of his love (Alice Elliot), he has found a new life in Domremy.

Karin Koenig

A lieutenant in the German Imperial Army, she has been ordered by General Heimann, head of the garrison at Luxembourg, to capture the village of Domremy.


This white wolf protects the village of Domremy along with Yuri. His intelligence and cool-headed thinking makes him a highly reliable ally.

Gepetto & Cornellia

A retired Puppeteer who gained fame in the great theatres of Paris, he now travels the road with Yuri and his beloved puppet Cornelia.

Joachim Valentine

Trained as a pro wrestler, this vampire is devoted to justice and has dedicated himself to aiding the weak and defenceless of society. He appears briefly in Shadow Hearts.


Trained as a dancer and fortune teller from childhood, she entices men with her beautiful figure and her style of speech.

Princess Anastasia

Fourth princess of the Romanov dynasty, her cute appearance belies her devilish personality. She is determined to save her motherland of Russia.

Nicolai Conrad

A cardinal sent to Domremy by the Vatican, he has gained the help of Lieutenant Koenig to investigate the mystery surrounding the Demon of Domremy.