Shadow Ops: Red Mercury is a 2004 video game that is available on the Microsoft Xbox and PC platforms. It was released on the Xbox for the United States on June 15, 2004 and released on June 18, 2004 for parts of the world using the PAL system. It was released on the PC for the United States on September 21, 2004 and released on October 1, 2004 for parts of the world using the PAL system.


You play as Frank Hayden, an elite Delta Force operative. The first mission opens with Frank and other Delta Force operatives attempting to secure a briefcase nuclear bomb code named "Red Mercury" now in the possession of a terrorist known as Vlady the Vicious who is using a coast Syrian town as a base of operations. Upon arriving in the town, the mission goes down hill when the Sea Hawk that inserted the team is shot down moments after inserting Frank and his team. They fight their way to the helicopters crash site and secure it before moving on after Vlady who is know attempting to flee through the town. After moving through heavy street fighting, ambushes, and even a run-in with a T-62 tank, Frank pulls ahead of his team in an attempt to stop Vlady from escaping. However he is too late and Vlady escapes in a helicopter but not before Frank manages to shoot it several times damaging it. However it continues on towards the ocean to Frank's dismay and begins to radio in for "fast movers" to shoot him down. The scene then cuts to the now damaged helicopter flying over the ocean as the damage from Frank's bullets begins to take their effect on the helicopter. As the pilot fights for control, Vlady in the back opens the brief case nuke and attempts to disarm it but to his horror the bomb reactivates and Vlady leaps from the chopper in a desperate and unsuccessful attempt to escape the blast.The bomb detonates and the helicopter and Vlady are vaporized as the shock waves slam into the aircraft carrier that Frank's team used causing it to capsize sending helicopters, jets, and people falling off the side. It then cuts to Frank and his team who are preparing to extract as the shock waves reach causing them to be knocked backwards as Frank yells.

It then reveals that 72 hours earlier Frank and his team are moving through the Congo jungle attempting to located a downed cargo plane shot down by local guerrillas. After locating the downed cargo plane they continue on engaging guerrilla forces. They arrive at a bridge which they sabotage with explosives before moving on. They come across an enemy village with they air strike with F-18 Hornets before sweeping through and blowing up several ammo caches located in the village. After completing their objective, Frank and his team arrive at the LZ and are approached by an National Security Agency agent named Kate who wishes for Frank to join them. Frank agrees and is taken to their command center where he meets a Russian agent who has joined their cause.

Frank is briefed that a terrorist named Vlady the Vicious has stolen a briefcase nuclear bomb code named Red Mercury and attempts to use a chemical laser at a Kazakhstan Research Facility that will cause it to become even more destructive and weaponized. Frank solely HALO jumps into the area from a B-2 Stealth Bomber and sneaks into the facility sneaking past Russian patrols and Vlady's terrorist. After fighting his way into the complex he runs into a meeting between several scientist and Vlady who now has a weaponized Red Mercury bomb and flees after killing the scientist and spotting Frank. After killing Vlad's guards he leaps down and discovers that Galena, an old colleague is involved in the exchange. As Frank attempts to question her, she tells him that if Vlady escapes with the bomb all will be lost. They both pursue Vlady and escape the facility which explodes.

Back at base, Kate is furious at Frank that Vlady got away with the Red Mercury bomb. However she is shocked when Frank reveals that Vlady is actually an American who used to be in Frank's squad and lost his arm during an operation in Panama and never forgave him. Another shocking revelation is that when Kate announces that Vlady is in possession of two Red Mercury bombs which upsets Frank when he realizes he was not informed of this earlier. However Galena reveals that in order to arm the bombs, he would have to visit a scientist in Chechnya called the "Chemist". Kate then sends Frank to Chechnya to find Vlady before he can arm the bomb.

Frank and a team of Navy SEALs infiltrate an already war torn Chechnya and move through a water front district sabotaging patrol boats and killing snipers. However one of Frank's team member's Ruiz, is captured during an ambush and Frank and the remaining SEALs rush through the town to find him. After frantic searching, they locate him in an old church being held at gunpoint by a terrorist. As Frank keeps his weapon aimed, a SEAL rappels from the rafters above and shoots the terrorist in the head releasing Ruiz. After freeing him, they continue on with the mission and finally catch up to Vlad. However they are too late when they come across the dead body of the "Chemist" and find the area rigged to explode with C4. Vlady now in possession of two armed Red Mercury bombs, flees the area on a cargo ship which Frank and Navy SEALs infiltrate by parachuting onto it. After locating that the ship was headed for Syria they finally manage to corner Vlad, but he escapes and attempts to scuttle the ship with Frank and the SEAL's aboard. After a tense battle they manage to escape on a helicopter and finally locate the bomb which is now in Syria.

As Frank and his team of Delta Force operatives fly into the city in Sea Hawks, Frank realizes that Vlady will probably be expecting their attack and tells the pilots to divert their course to an area where Vlady wouldn't be expecting. Unfortunately, an RPG strikes the helicopter and it crash lands in the streets. Frank wakes up to find his team is attempting to hold of the crash site from Syrian terrorist attack. Frank and his team manage to fight their way out of the crash site and slowly move in on Vlad's position while battling ambushes, RPG attacks, and even APC attacks. Frank rushes ahead of his team and attempts to stop Vlady but arrives too late and sees him taking off in a helicopter. Frank shoots at it and manages to damage it but it continues on as Frank yells to scramble jets and shoot it down.

At the same time the now damaged helicopter is starting to loose control over the Ocean as Vlady disarms the bomb as he wants to "reevaluate". However after disarming it, the scene quickly flashes to a hand pressing a remote detonate causing the bomb to re arm. Vlady realizing that he is doomed, orders the pilot to lower the helicopter before jumping out. The bomb detonates and vaporizes him and the helicopter as shock waves reach the Aircraft Carrier causing it to overturn. At land Frank and his team is starting to extract when the shock waves hit causing he and his team to blown to the ground while their helicopter is knocked out of the sky which narrowly misses Frank as he dives out of the way.

Frank awakens to the Captain of the aircraft carrier telling him the his team is out of commission as the scene shows wounded Delta operatives being carried out of the area and to helicopters. As Frank tries to move he blacks out again and re awakens on board a helicopter with the Captain telling him the Kate has the other Red Mercury bomb and is on her way to Paris on a high speed bullet train and has Galena hostage. A scene shows the Kate and the Russian agent had taken her hostage and stole a helicopter from the ship before using a remote device to re arm Vlad's bomb.

Frank using a helicopter leaps aboard the train and manages to infiltrate it. As he runs into Galena, Kate pulls a gun on Frank and several of Kate's elite troops and the Russian agent surround them. As Frank begins to question why they were doing this he realizes that Kate was the one who set off the bomb. The Russian agent reveals that they plan on detonating the bomb in Paris during a convention where all the world's leader will be present. Frank asks him about if was just in it to see the Soviet Union regain its former strength. The Russian agent begins to rant about the glory that will come but is shot by Kate who says that they don't have similar goals. She instead wants to see the world reset back to its roots and finds the leaders of today terrible and foolish. Frank and Galena manage to break out and after a tense firefight, Frank gets Galena off the train with the use of a helicopter while he continues to purse Kate through the train. After battling Kate's elite special ops, he manages to pull the emergency brake which prevents the train from slamming into the station. Frank teams up with French RAID officers as they attempt to take back the station from Kate's soldiers. Frank exits the station and pursues Kate on the Paris rooftops while battling her forces. He arrives at the Eiffel Tower where Kate's special forces have taken it over. Frank runs into Galena who reveals that she is planning on detonating it on top of the tower. Frank takes the elevator up and battles his way through the enemy forces and reaches the top. In a climatic and final battle, Frank fights Kate as she rides aboard an attack helicopter as the Red Mercury bomb slowly counts down. Frank manages to heavily damage it to the point where it looses control causing Kate to fall out of the helicopter with the bomb in her hands. The bomb is caught by Frank as Kate's body tumbles and falls to the ground below. As Frank shoots at the helicopter, Galena disarms the bomb but realizes that she has taken away its nuclear power but it will still be very large. Frank grabs the case and throws it into the helicopter's open cabin door as it passes by. Frank and Galena rush to an elevator and quickly shoot the emergency brake causing it to fall as the helicopter explodes with a massive fireball over the tower. They both emerge from the elevator alive and embrace with a kiss as police and spectators cheer.



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