Shadow Shard

Welcome to Firebase Zulu, home of the OH MY GOD THAT EYEBALL IS TRYING TO EAT ME

Official NameFirebase Zulu, The Cascade Archipelago, The Chantry, and The Storm Palace
Level Range40-50 (FBZ/CA), 42-50 (Chantry), 44-50 (SP)
Zone TypeHazard/Trial
Area39.2 square miles total (Firebase Zulu: 8.75, Cascade Archipelago: 8.75, The Chantry: 12.95, Storm Palace: 8.75)
Arena Access?No
Task ForceDr. Quaterfield (FBZ, 40-45), Sara Moore (CA, 40-50), Justin Augustine (Chantry, 42-50), Faathim the Kind (Chantry, 45-50)
Strike Force
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events
Monster Spawns
TransportationPortal to Peregrine Island (from FBZ)
Hero Groups
Villain Groups* Circle of Thorns
* Crey
* Soldiers of Rularuu
* Nemesis
* Shadow Shard Reflections
* Lanaruu's Storms
Contacts*Dr. Boyd (FBZ)
*Lt Volkov (FBZ)
*General Hammond (FBZ)
*Dr. Huxley (CA)
*Lt. Col. Flynn (CA)
Districts* Firebase Zulu:
** Firebase Zulu
** Tempest Sector
** Point Echo
** Point Bravo
** Point Alpha
** Point Charlie
** Point Foxtrot
** Point Victor
** Point Sierra
** Point Tango
** Point X-Ray
** Firebase November
* Cascade Archipelago:
** The Air Shoals
** Tyrant's Rock
** The Chanting Islands
** Crimson Falls
** The One-Way Path
** The Marooned Shores
* The Chantry:
** Bastion of Pain
** Bastion of Denial
** Bastion of Guilt
** Bastion of Shame
** Bastion of Sorrow
** Bastion of Regret
** Path of Tears
** Path of Rage
** Chantry
* The Storm Palace:
** Path of Madness
** Lock of Anger
** Lock of Malice
** Lock of Torment
** Lock of Hatred
** Lock of Fury
** Lock of Destruction
** Storm Palace
Exploration Badges
History Plaques
Connected Zones* Firebase Zulu <-> Cascade Archipelago via vine and Mole Point
* Cascade Archipelage <-> Chantry
* Chantry <-> Storm Palace



Don't drink the water.

The Shadow Shard is actually four separate zones, Firebase Zulu, The Cascade Archipelago, The Chantry, and the Storm Palace. Their location is a pocket dimension with a quite different concept of gravity. The Shard was created by some kind of demi-god known as Rularuu. While he is not in City of Heroes currently, there are three others who are either aspects of him, or creations in his image to serve him: Ruladak the Strong, Faathim the Kind, and Lanaruu the Mad.

At some point in time there was a war between these three brothers in which Ruladak was imprisoned and Lanaruu went crazy. Faathim and Lanaruu have themselves become imprisoned within their own fortresses, the Chantry and the Storm Palace; while these bases are apparently invincible they cannot leave without facing the other, and the Soldiers of Rularuu, who still serve Ruladak.


Beacon of hope for...whatever it is that lives here.

During this war the Shard was broken into the floating islands it is today. Also, at some point many citizens of Paragon City became trapped here, where they've somehow survived for several generations. They've mostly grown to live off the Kora Fruit, which can provide heroes with brief bursts of energy.

In addition to the omnipresent Soldiers of Rularuu, you can find Nemesis Army soldiers, Crey operatives and Circle of Thorns mystics there searching for power, and the curious Shard Reflections. In the Storm Palace, there are also Lanaruu-fueled energy storms that can be highly dangerous.


It's the Chantry, only with extra evil.

A note should also be made on transportation in the Shadow Shard. Those who cannot fly or teleport from one island to another must use the gravity geysers to be launched across the void. Be careful to turn off all travel powers, including sprint, or the geyser may mis-shoot you. If you fall, you will be teleported back to Firebase Zulu - which may be quite a headache if you're deep into the Shard. The zones are connected by large energy 'vines', and there are portals set up between 'Mole Points' in Firebase Zulu and the Cascade Archipelago that heroes can gain access to.

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