La Tale


Shangri-la is located in Arcadia area 5. This is considered one of the easiest instances in the game.


Mouth Peach

These enemies are seen in Arcadia. They are one of the stronger enemies with a high defense and a high damage attack.

Drops: Peach Soul Urn

White Tiger

Like the Peach Shells these can also be found outside of the instance. The are a simple enemy to kill.


Frog Prince

These frogs are relatively easy to kill. They use a simple tongue attack and have low health.

Drops: Poison ivy, Eternal pendant, Hyunmu Mountain Boots

Turban Shell

Turban Shells can be highly frustrating. Although their main attack is a bit weak they have the ability to reverse the directions of your keys. This is easily enough countered by pressing the key opposite in the direction you wish to go. Another attack they use is a charge that sends them streaming across the screen, which may add to frustration when your character is still disoriented. Drops: Turban shell, Hyunmu Mountain Bottom

Zin Great Monkey

These enemies are much like the Great Monkeys out in Arcadia and can defeated in the same way.

Drops: Cloud lump, Hyunmu Mountain Pin



This is the first boss in the instance and is a hard one. The best thing to do is find a character of 56+ to tank the boss in the corner as the rest of the party attacks from behind.


This boss should look familiar to you. It is a fairly simple fight with a knock back from time to time. You will know its coming when the screen goes dark and symbols flash on the screen.


All loot that is placed on this page is that which has been acquired by those who have recorded the drop from these character and are not definite. If adding to this please only add important quest items and rares.

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