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She uses cards and summons. A TCG player?

Sheena is a character from Tales of Symphonia, voiced by Jennifer Hale in the North American version. She is the only character in the game able to summon spirits when in over limit mode. She uses magic infused cards to attack her enemies. While players normally find her normal attacks weak, they are useful for combos and knockdowns when one learns how to use them all correctly.

She appears mysteriously in Sylvarant to Lloyd Irving's party as an assassin out to kill The Chosen of Mana. She later joins the team.

Sheena is from the world Tethe'alla. She comes from a small, Japan-inspired village, where she is a favored warrior despite her huge failure to create a pact with the lightning spirit summon, Volt. When she failed to create this pact, Volt went insane and destroyed many things, including taking a few lives. There are those that support her and urge her to stop feeling guilty, and others who hate her for her failure & damage she has inflicted.

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