Shellshock: Nam '67 is a third-person combat game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC platforms. It was released on September 10 2004.


The game begins in Saigon South Vietnam 1967. A transport plane full of fresh recruits landed and soldiers dismounted from it. Two U.S. Army soldiers, Privates Kowalski and Walker were picked by a CO to join an air assault to overrun a VC camp near Kontum with their new squad. The soldiers later seized the camp and occupied it with the rest of the company and converted it into American basecamp. The base became popular among the soldiers.

The group then takes on many missions from clearing out villages from VC and search for any weapon cache. They jumped to the next task of seizing an old French fort and defend it from the Viet Cong. As the game progresses, the group member began to die one by one in various missions to come. New soldiers are later introduced and Walker joins special forces. They take on subversive, rescue, and assault missions. Cal's final mission is to defeat General Diem, the game's main antagonist. He succeeded and delivered the General Diem's severed head to the base.

The game ends with only Walker and another South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) soldier named Monty with the rest of the squad are dead following a massive joint NVA and VC attack on the Kontum. Walker ends his tour of duty and continues a second tour of duty with his own special operations squad.


Shellshock: Nam '67 sold over 900,000 copies.[4]

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