Welcome to the Shields-Up weapons page. This section includes stats about each weapon and information on where the weapon can be bought or the details of the schematic (whichever is applicable).

Feel free to start adding pages, just name each page the title of the weapon.

Weapons: Ablative ArmorWeapons: Disruptor Torpedoes
Weapons: GARDIANWeapons: JavelinWeapons: Mass Accelerators
Weapons (Call of Duty)Weapons (Call of Duty: Black Ops)Weapons (Call of Duty: World at War)
Weapons (Call of Duty 3)Weapons (Call of Duty 4)
Weapons (Castlevania)Weapons (Halo)Weapons (Perfect Dark Zero)
Weapons FactoryWeapons in Deus ExWeapons of Battlefield 1942
Weapons of Battlefield 1943Weapons of Battlefield 2Weapons of Battlefield 2142
Weapons of World in Conflict

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