Beam Laser MK 2 is a weapon from Shields-Up.

Type: Energy

Skill: 95

Damage: +230

Energy: -350

Cost: 95,000

Store: Lock n Load

Level Requirement: 10

After the success of the Mk1 Beam Laser, developers looked for ways to improve the basic design without greatly increasing the cost of the weapon.

After several redesigns they came up with something that was more of an obvious evolution than a radical new offering. While it does outperform the Mk1 in all areas it is not drastically dissimilar in performance.

Unlike pulse lasers that fire short pulses of intense energy at the target, beam lasers output a less intense but continuous beam.

The range of beam lasers tend to be less than that of the closest pulse laser equivalent but the continuous beam delivers far more damage. You will require an Energy Weapons skill rating of 95 to use this Laser.

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