Dual Particle Beam MK2 is a weapon from Shields-Up.

Type: Energy

Skill: 330

Damage: +550

Energy: -1350

Cost: 390,000

Store: Hi-Tek Arms

Level Requirement: 32

The dual particle beam uses high magnetic pulses to interweave two Particle beams together. The resulting energy release is enormous. These Dual beam weapons are mainly restricted to military use, but you can still find them for sale on the open market.

You will require Energy Weapon Skill level of 330 to use this weapon. It will also require expert calibration and fitting.

The dual particle beam is as effective against most types of shielding as it is against armour and of course enemy hulls. A good defence against a particle beam is massive shielding or a very fast get away!

Of course there is a downside to this massive energy output, and that is the energy required to fire it. Plugged in directly with triple primary overpasses to the power core, this weapon has the capability to literally suck power cores dry.

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