Archangels Hammer AH1 is a weapon from Shields-Up.

Type: Kinetic

Skill: 350

Damage: +650

Energy: -1000

Cost: N/A

Store: Player Made

Level Requirement: 30

</br> The Archangels Hammer is a cruiser class weapon that has been modified by local traders to fit on to a smaller weapon mount such as that of a Marauder vessel. This weapon has a devastating rate of fire and with its modifications is a sure prize for any Captain.

You will require Kinetic Weapon Skill level 350 to use this weapon. It will also require expert calibration and fitting. Remember you won’t find this weapon on a store shelf as it’s only crafted by tradesmen and not a mass produced item.

Due to the nature of its hand crafting this weapon has been modified for a lower energy requirement and therefore the governing laws have lowered its level requirement.

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