Murcheson Rail Gun MK 1 is a weapon from Shields-Up.

Type: Kinetic

Skill: 100

Damage: +250

Energy: -270

Cost: 75,000

Store: Goodmans Store

Level Requirement: 12

The rail gun is a nasty weapon, first used as a planetary defense system and later modified for onboard vessel use. This version the "Murcheson" is the "dirty" version of its type and is widely used amongst pirates and raiders alike.

You will require Kinetic Weapon Skill level 100 to use this weapon. It will also require expert calibration and fitting.

The rail gun fires small pellets of irradiated plutonium. This makes an amazing show of fireworks when fired and plays ‘merry hell’ with both shields and Armour. Rail guns can also partially penetrate most energy fields so be warned.

The energy requirements for this gun are lower than would be expected, but the output is substantially lower than say a large beam weapon or a particle beam.

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