In March 2010, the director and producer of Persona 3 and Persona 4, Katsura Hashino, told Japanese gaming magazine, Dengeki PlayStation, that he is beginning to develop the next game in the Persona series. He also mentioned that he "wants to add things that are being expected of the series and change things that can be changed within those boundaries." In September 2009, Shoji Meguro, a member of Atlus, was listed in Sony's site as the producer on Persona 5 exclusively for the PlayStation 3. However The Australian Classification Board seems to have confirmed that PSP version was listed as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona and "(PS3)". The date of classification is May 24, 2010. Which could lead that Atlus moved it to Sony PSP instead. At E3 2010, a game in the series was announced for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS system; all that is known at this point is that it will be part of the Persona series, it is unknown if it will be a port, remake, or a new game altogether.