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Years ago, Vilaneux of the Iron Order was lost to a hurricane and stranded in then-unknown Kara Tur. He and his full plate armor were an oddity to locals, but he soon proved his commitment to justice. He became so respected that, when he died, his armor was cut into these Shining Light weapons in tribute.

Facts about "Shining Light"RDF feed
Base Critical Threatx2 +
Base Damage1d3 +
Base Damage TypePiercing +
DisplayNameShining Light +
ElementShuriken +
FeatWeapon Proficiency (exotic) + and Weapon Proficiency (monk) +
GamesNeverwinter Nights +
NameShining Light +
NamePageShining Light +
NamesShining Light +
PageNameShining Light +
PageTypeElement +
Spawn IDnw_wthmsh005 +
Weapon SizeTiny +
Weight0.0 +

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