Shrek SuperSlam, also known as Shrek Super Slam, is a melee-form fighting game featuring characters from the Shrek series of films.


The console version of the game features three multiplayer modes: "King of the Hill", "Melee", and "Slammageddon".

In "King of the Hill", the object of the game is to stay atop of a hill the longest, while opponents try and knock each other off. The first player to reach 30 points wins. The longer the player stay on the hill, the more points she/he receive. In "Melee", the objective is to earn as many slam points within a 2-minute time period. For attack, a word bank that says "Slam" will fill up. Once the bank has filled up, the player can unleash a Slam Attack which can hit multiple opponents. For each opponent who's hit, you'll receive a Slam Point. But, if a player get slammed, he'll lose one. The player with the most slam points after the time limit stops wins. In "Slammageddon", each single attack counts as a Slam. But, if a player manage to get a 'Max Slam Juice' potion in Slammageddon match and hit the opponent/s with your slam, nothing happens. It can be noted that Shrek Super Slam and the Nintendo Wii's Super Smash Bros. Brawl have many similarities, such as a powerful, final finishing move that requires you to acquire a specific item.


Every character has a "Slam" attack. Slams all have different effects. For example, Shrek's Green Storm attack will send his opponents flying as he undergoes flatulence and Pinocchio's nose extends and he flies towards enemies in an attempt to strike them.

Console versions


In the PS2, Xbox, GameCube and PC versions of the game, there is a total of ten characters that you can choose right from the start and ten that you have to unlock.

Playable from start

Unlockable characters


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