Sidhe is a game development studio based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Sidhe is an officially licensed developer for Microsoft (Xbox, Xbox 360), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PlayStation, PS2, PSP, PS3), and Nintendo of America (GBA, DS, Wii). It is also a co-founding member of the New Zealand Game Developers Association. They are the largest game developer in New Zealand, currently employing approximately 100 people. The company was formerly called Sidhe Interactive, but dropped the word Interactive in 2009 prior to the launch of the company's critically acclaimed game for PlayStation 3, Shatter.

For a number of years Sidhe created franchise based games, such as their Barbie, and Rugby League Video Game Series titles. They provided services to and have produced products for a number of partners and clients such as Sony Online Entertainment, Red Mile Entertainment, Ubisoft, eUniverse, Krome Studios, Adidas International, Vivendi Universal Games, and Midway Games. In 2005 Sidhe released their first game based on an original IP, GripShift, which was created completely in-house, from concept to final product.

Sidhe collaborated with Weta Digital to achieve the first motion capture of a horse at full gallop, for their horse racing game, Melbourne Cup Challenge / Frankie Dettori Racing.

Industry Awards

Sidhe received a number of awards at the Australian Game Developers Conference, 2005.

  • Award for Outstanding Industry Contribution
  • Award for Best Handheld Game for GripShift
  • Award for Best Level Design for GripShift
  • Award for Best Game Design for GripShift
  • Editor's Choice Award for Shatter
  • Nomination for Most Innovative from for Shatter

Sidhe also received awards at TUANZ, 2003.

  • TUANZ Interactive Games Award for NRL Rugby League
  • TUANZ Overall Craft Award for NRL Rugby League

Sidhe Scholarship

Sidhe supports the local New Zealand video game industry by offering a scholarship[2][3] for students who wish to study game development at a graduate level.

Games Developed by Sidhe

Other Games Contributed to by Sidhe

Cancelled Games

  • Druid King (a.k.a. Dark Shores)
  • Dirty War
  • Chronicle


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