Game Series Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
First Appearance
Gender: Male

Sigurd also known as Siglud according to the book Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu: TREASURE and Fire Emblem: Trading Card Game, is a fictional swordsman from the Fire Emblem series, more specifically the game Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, a 1996 release for the Super Famicom. He is the first in Fire Emblem's Lord class to have exceptional stats, and the first in the Lord class to be mounted on a horse and to be able to use lances, although most players instead sell his Iron Lance. His son Celice, and Eliwood from Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, are mounted on a horse after class promotion. Also, both Lords from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones are mounted after promotion, but gain no new weapons.


Lord Sigurd, the son of Lord Byron (Vylon), a descendant of Baldo, one of the 12 Jugdral Crusaders, is a prince of Chalphy Castle of the Kingdom of Grandbell, the center country in the continent of Jugdral. According to unofficial manga, he was born in Gran 734; he stands 178 centimeters tall, and he weighs 70.2 kilograms. He initially wields the Steel Sword, then mostly the Silver Sword (given by Alvis on behalf of Prince Kult in the Prologue chapter), and later the Tyrfing, which he used in Chapter 5 of Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu. Ethlin is his younger sister. Cuan is his brother-in-law and best friend, and Ethlin's husband (Cuan is a reference to a mythological legend Kian, who was in love with a mythological princess named Ethlinn). His son Celice takes over in Chapter 6 of the game, finishing what he started. According to the end of Chapter 6, Sigurd was well loved by many people of Jugdral continent. Oifaye calls him a "kindhearted man" when he rescues Shanan at Genoa Castle in Chapter 1. Mananan, the father of a sword demon called Princess Ayra of the Kingdom of Isaac, often looked to Sigurd's father Byron for advice. Since Chapter 3, Sigurd is accused of treason against Grandbell by his own country.

Before the onset of Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, Sigurd attended the Royal Academy of Barhara alongside his brother-in-law Cuan and Nodion's King Eltosian. Cuan later married Sigurd's sister Ethlin. In the Prologue, Sigurd heard the news that most of Grandbell's army, including most of Chalphy's army, is en route to invade the Kingdom of Isaac, the northeasternmost country in Jugdral. He also heard that his childhood friend Aideen is captured by Gandolf. He was prepared to fight the Verdanian army by himself, but Noish and Alec spoke against it, fearing to let him die fighting alone in the battlefield. Arden joined in shortly thereafter. Finally, the 14-year-old Oifey joined Sigurd to be his tactician. Meanwhile, Cuan, Ethlin, and Fin of Lenster heard about Sigurd's skirmish with Verdane. They traveled to Chalphy and joined Sigurd's cause while Sigurd was en route to Jungby. Earlier, Azel joined Sigurd's cause without his paternal halfbrother Alvis's consent and invited Lex to join. Sigurd fought Dimaggio and conquered Jungby. He begged Midale to rest, but Midale was determined to rescue Aideen, thus joining Sigurd's cause. Alvis walks over to Jungby territory to assess the state of the conflict with Verdane. Azmur ordered him to give Sigurd the Silver Sword. Sigurd is regarded by his citizens as a "kindhearted man", and Azel wishes that Alvis could be more like him. Sigurd and his army fight off Gerrard's army and conquer Evans castle.

After Sigurd conquers Evans castle, Filat dubs him Holy Knight of Grandbell. However, Sigurd searched all through Evans castle, but no trace of Aideen can be found. Henceforth, he travels deep into the Verdane, the southwesternmost country of Jugdral. He meets with Eltosian at Evans castle. Meanwhile, Dew sneaks around Marpha castle and helps Aideen escape the clutches of Gandolf with the help of Jamka. Aideen went to speak with Sigurd and Midale. Then Sigurd and his army fight the Genoa army and save Shanan from the clutches of Kinbois. Shanan tells Sigurd that he is the prince of Isaac and that his paternal aunt Ayra is hostile toward Sigurd and his forces already in his army, since she is from Isaac and most of Sigurd's army including himself is from Grandbell. Sigurd does not care too much about the Isaacian-Grandbellian war, nor does he care what country Shanan is from. Then they march to Marpha, and Midale takes revenge against Gandolf. After the battle of Marpha, Sigurd sees Deirdre for the first time, but Deirdre leaves without telling him her name. Jamka reluctantly goes with Sandima's army and attacks Sigurd. Aideen tells Jamka that Sigurd did not come to Verdane to invade Verdane. Between the thickets of the spirit forest, Sigurd sees Deirdre once again, and she joins his cause and would use the Silence staff to prevent Sandima from using the Fenrir tome. After Sigurd liberates Verdane from Sandima's control, the dying king Bator tells him about the Loput sect, the organization behind the evil lurking across Jugdral.

When he learned that his friend Eltoshan was being held prisoner by his own King Shagarl, Sigurd opted to rescue him along with his sister Lachesis, also joined by a bard named Levin (who was in fact the Prince of Silesia, as informed by the Pegasus Knight Fury, who joined later), a dancer named Sylvia and two mercenaries, Holyn and Beowulf, taking control of Agustria on the way. He worked to restore peace for months, in which Deidre gave birth to his son Celice. But Shagarl later attempted to attack again. Sigurd intercepted, later hearing bad news from Father Claude about his family being blamed for the death of Prince Kult, as well as either having to fight Eltoshan to death or learning his death being executed by Shagarl, and that Deidre soon went missing. Afterwards, he rescued Briggid from the Orgahill Piratesm as well as rendezvousing with Claude assisted with the young princess of Freege, Tiltyu. However, soon Sigurd found himself surrounded with the Empire's army. He fled to Silesia and was caught into the civil war, ending it and gained the trust of Silesia.

On his way back to Grandbell, he met his father, Byron, in his dying breath. He gave Sigurd the Tyrfing, broken. Repairing it as quick as he could, he sprung back into action and defeated Langobalt (Lex's father). He sent Oifaye and Shanan away with Celice, worried with their safety. While crossing the Yied Desert, Sigurd was attacked by Thracian Dragon Knights. It was after conquering the next castle that Sigurd learnt that the Dragon Knights ambushed and killed Cuan and Ethlin. On his way to Velthomer, he faced Leptor (Tiltyu's father). However, suddenly Alvis turned his back on Leptor and cooperated with Sigurd to destroy Leptor under the command of Ayda. Sigurd, however, was unaware to know that it was his turn to be destroyed next.

After he conquered Velthomer castle, Sigurd, after a sad, brief reunion with Deirdre (Who lost most of her memory with Sigurd, remembering him by only a little), was executed by Emperor Alvis, using Falaflame, but Alvis was manipulated by Manfroy. As time passed, the man formerly known as traitor suddenly was revered as a legendary hero. 17 or 18 years later, his death was avenged by his son Celice.


  • Oifaye: Oifaye is Sigurd's advisor. He also raised Sigurd's son Celice.
  • Finn: Finn is a knight under Cuan. He comes with Cuan and Ethlin to give Sigurd support when Sigurd attempts to rescue Edain.
  • Noish: He is a knight of Chalphy, clad in red armor.
  • Alec: He is another knight of Chalphy, clad in green armor. He is also Noish's best friend.
  • Edain: She is a noblewoman of Jungby Castle. She was captured by the Verdanians into the clutches of Gandolf of Marpha Castle. Sigurd was behind her rescue, along with Dew the Thief and Prince Jamuka of Verdane.
  • Cuan: The prince, and later king, of Lenster. Cuan is Sigurd's best friend and brother-in-law. He and his wife Ethlin are tragic characters.
  • Ethlin: Ethlin is Sigurd's sister and Cuan's wife. She and her husband Cuan are tragic characters. Ethlin has been believed to bring these tragedies onto herself.
  • Deirdre: Sigurd fell in love with her at first sight in Verdane's Spirit Forest. They were married and had a son, but Deirdre was kidnapped and had her memories erased by Manfroy, eventually marrying Alvis. Sigurd doesn't find out about this until it's too late.
  • Azel: Younger half-brother of Alvis, who ran away to join Sigurd's quest. Sigurd was unable to turn him away, and asked by Alvis to look out for him in his stead.
  • Lex: Lex is a nobleman of Dozel and a descendant of Neir. His father Langobalt hates Sigurd's father Byron.
  • Briggid: Edin's twin sister, abducted by pirates at the age of five.
  • Eltosian: Eltosian is a childhood friend of Sigurd and Cuan's, and is first on the line of succession for the crown of Augustria after the Royal Family. He gains the crown when the childless King Shagall falls into disfavor and is forced to continue the war against Sigurd.


The son of Sigurd and Deirdre. He is the descendant of Baldo through his father, Sigurd, and of Heim through his mother, Deirdre (however, he cannot use the book of Narga, but can use the legendary sword Tyrfing). He has the skills Pursuit and Awareness. Template:Fire Emblem characters

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