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The Silent Hill: Downpour Soundtrack was composed by Daniel Licht and released on March 13, 2012. Jonathon Davis of Korn collaborated with Licht for the opening theme "Silent Hill" while Mary Elizabeth McGlynn provided vocals for the songs "Intro Perk Walk" and "Bus to Nowhere".


  1. "Silent Hill" (3:10)
  2. "Intro Perk Walk" (2:48)
  3. "In the Ravine" (3:17)
  4. "Bus to Nowhere" (3:42)
  5. "Meet JP" (2:15)
  6. "Stalking for Dinner" (4:27)
  7. "Don't Go in the Basement" (2:27)
  8. "Railcar Ride" (3:01)
  9. "Downpour Intro" (4:38)
  10. "Jump Monster" (1:40)
  11. "Monastic Tendencies" (4:25)
  12. "Clowning Around with Monsters" (2:18)
  13. "Welcome to Devil's Pit" (2:22)
  14. "Basement Fight" (2:54)
  15. "Cablehouse Blues" (2:23)
  16. "Town Rain" (2:58)
  17. "The Caverns" (2:55)
  18. "Monastery Otherworld" (2:50)

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