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Silent Scope Complete is the final installment of the Silent Scope video game series developed by Konami. Released on February 10, 2004 for the Xbox game console, it brings together the three previous Silent Scope games while adding additional levels, story branches, and features. The player is a professional, government-supported sniper charged with foiling different terrorist attacks. Traveling between various locations, the player eliminates his adversaries with a high-power sniper rifle. Rewards are given for accuracy and speed, while players are punished for killing civilians or failing to complete a mission within the alloted time.

While the arcade version of Silent Scope received praise for its unique peripheral (players used a model sniper rifle attached to the cabinet), this novelty did not translate into the console version, a fact which reviewers made strong mention of. [1] Most reviews describe the game as mediocre, and attractive only to fans of the core series. Other reviewers noted that, while technically four different games, Silent Scope Complete falls victim to repetitive gameplay. Each mission is essentially the same, varying only in scenery and motive.[2]


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