Type these in to get them to work, they are case sensitive:

  • eggs - Lay eggs with the yellow ant
  • EGGS - lay red ant eggs with yellow ant
  • erad - Starve yourself
  • fred - See what it looks like when you win the game
  • hole - Dig lots of holes
  • HOLE - dig lots of holes on red side
  • jeff - Start a colony on every patch in the yard and house
  • jenn - Unlimited health for yellow ant
  • joke - Read a joke
  • just - Black ants get 10 fertilized queens
  • oops - Red ants get 10 fertilized queens
  • mick - Put the spider into reverse(it will run backwards away from its target)
  • rand - Restores yellow ant's health to 100%
  • QEEN - Add another red queen, when in the nest
  • qeen - Add another black queen, when in the nest
  • susi - Unlimited health for black colony
  • will - Never lose a fight against a red ant
  • FUND - get a useless $10,000

Recruit ants with the spider

Simply recruit as many ants as you want as an ant. Then switch to the spider. They will all crowd around you, but not kill you. Beware, if you eat a few of you own, they will not hesitate to kill you!!

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