Cheat codes

Press Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C (Cmd + Option + Shift + C for MAC's) in the game and a small bar will appear on top then type your cheat.

Buildings and Developement

call cousin vinnie: causes a new petitioner to appear who offers a $250,000 donation. If you decline, he tells you the password zyxwvu which will enable a Sim City Castle.

zyxwvu: This cheat only works after declining cousin vinnie's money. Then type zyxwvu in the cheat menu to get the Sim City Castle.

i am weak: everything is free except demolishing

i love red tape: enables all ordinances

nerdz rool: all clean industries will develop

let's make a deal: get offered business deals that haven't been accepted

Pay tribute to your king: enable all reward buildings

stop forcing advice: stop advisors form giving advice


garbage in, garbage out: All garbage buildings available

power to the masses: enables all power buildings

water in the desert: enables all water utility buildings


Salt on: Turns selected fresh water body to salt water

Salt off: Turns selected salt water body to fresh water

terrain one up: raises all terrain by one tile, will destroy any current buildings.

terrain one down: lowers all terrain by one tile, will destroy any current buildings.

terrain ten up: raises all terrain by ten tile, will destroy any current buildings.

terrain ten down: lowers all terrain by ten tile, will destroy any current buildings.

load terrain (path&filename): Load grayscale picture as terrain


UFO Swarm: cause groups of ufo's to invade city when disaster is selected

the birds: cause a flock of birds to fly around the city

Ticker Display

simon says ...: type in what you want displayed on ticker in "..." area to have the message displayed on the ticker.

  1. porntipsguzzardo - "Aha! We Have a Real Pro Here! Try BROCCOLI"
  2. fund - "FUND Not A Cheat Code. Do Not Type MOREMONEY, It Is Not a Cheat Code Either"
  3. FUND - "Sims Bored By Word FUND; Suggest You Try Other Words"
  4. broccoli - "Sorry, Money Doesn't Grown On Broccoli"
  5. bat - "Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da BAT-man!"
  6. scurk - "If You Build It, They Will Come"
  7. llama - "Duo Ragazzi's Easter Egg Palace: Old World Charm in a Post Modern Setting"
  8. sim - "If You Lived Here, You'd Be A Sim"
  9. help - "Dozens Of Hidden News Ticker Reveals; Sims Encouraged To Collect Them All And Amaze Friends"
  10. will wright - "What Will He Think Of Next?"
  11. erts - "Investment Tip: Buy Low, Sell High"
  12. electronic arts - "Not Just Sports Games Anymore"
  13. ticker - "[city name] Picayune: The Finest In Scrolling Entertainment"
  14. money - "Money Does NOT Grow On Trees, Study Concludes"
  15. simcity - "Keep Trying And Maybe You'll Figure It Out"
  16. hello - "Greetings Mayor, Your Sims Salute You"
  17. mayor - "Mayor [mayor name] brings [city name] To News Ticker Highlight"
  18. sc3k - "Mayor Suspected Of Attempting Embezzlement; Ends In Failure"
  19. 1234 - "Secret Number Combination Causes Announcement In News Ticker"
  20. maxis - "Did you know that MAXIS spelled backwards is SIX AM?"
  21. moremoney - "MOREMONEY Not Cheat Code, Research Concludes" message
  22. advisor - "Mayor Under Investigation For Possible Embezzlement"
  23. simant-
  24. simmars-
  25. simcopter-
  26. simearth-
  27. Broccoli Education Foundation-

Other Cheats

These do not require the cheat box or a code:

See Will Wright SC3 Style

On the autorun screen, there should be a Maxis Logo on the lower left hand corner. You should see the Maxis made Will Wright.

All buildings

Go into the Utilities menu and open the Power Plants window and exit. Now go into the Civic/Special Buildings menu, open Rewards and Opportunities Window and Exit. Then, go into the Utilities menu again, open the Garbage Disposal window and close it. Now when you go into the Civic/Special Buildings menu and into the Landmarks window, EVERY building in the game is buildable from there. IF you go into any of the windows the buildings are originally found, the Landmarks window will shrink up back to normal and the cheat will have to be repeated.

Hidden Clock

When in a city, look to the lower right hand corner of where the minimap is located. below the plus button and the rotate map button, there is an empty space. IF you click there it should display you computer's time. Clicking it again will make it disapper.

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