Gameplay secrets

Getting an Apache

To get an Apache you must place out a F-15B in the map using the Sim City 2000 Urban Renwal Kit or have it build in a zone military base. If you have multiple F-15Bs the game will randomly choose one to be the Apache. The megaphone shoots a machine gun and water bucket fires missiles.


You must enter the cheat menu to begin typing cheats. Press [Alt] + [Ctrl] + X to enter the cheat menu.

Move faster

Type "superpower multiply". Then, you can hold Shift down to fly faster. You can also hold Shift to move faster when you are walking.

Fill gas tank

Then type "Gas does grow in trees".


Type "Shields up".

Get More money

Type "Give me bucks or give me death:#" Type a number between 1 and 50,000 for the amount of money you want where # is.

View map outside chopper

Type "The map, please".

Enable megaphone outside of your chopper

Type "A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush". Push F6 through F10 to use specific megaphone messages.

Selecting a helicopter

Type "I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas". (A tone confirms correct entry.) Activate a helicopter by pressing its corresponding number.

Chase camera follows car through the city

Type "Out on a Sunday drive".

Giant choppers

Type "Make me big".


Helicopter = Activation #

  • Agusta A 109A = 6
  • Apache = 3
  • Bell 206 JetRanger = 1
  • Bell 212 = 4
  • Dauphin 2 = 7
  • MD 500 = 2
  • MD Explorer = 8
  • MD Explorer 520N = 9
  • Schwiezer 300 = 5

Cause a Nuclear explosion

Type "Radioactivity". Note: this cheat also destroys your helicopter in the air and turns most of the town into rubble.

Programmer's wife appears on the big screen and on billboards


Start drive-in movies

Type "Lights, Camera, Action!"

Select a level

Type "Warp me to carrier: #" (in the # spot type a level ranging from 1 -30)

Skip level

Type "Been there, done that".

Return to helicopter from anywhere

Type "I love my helicopter".

Return to hanger without your helicopter

Type "There's no place like home".

Save city map in ASCII format

Type "Stop and ask for directions".

View ending

Type "Gort".

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