SimTower is a simulation game released in 1995 by Maxis and developed by the legendary Will Wright. The game was actually developed in Japan by "OPeNBooK", but Maxis purchased the rights to the games and proceeded to release it in North America.

SimTower was another slight spinoff of the SimCity series of games, whereby SimCity players could take control of one of those skyscrapers they see in the SimCity every day.

The premise of the game is as open-ended as most of the other Sim-style, Simulation games. The objective is to build and manage a tower in whatever manor the player desires. Generally, the tower progresses through 6 "star" levels (0-5, plus "Tower" rating) as the building reaches certain population milestones.


You build the tower by adding floors and individual units to your tower. Unlike most Sim games, the game is 2D, in a style similar to many Sidescroller/Platformers. The types of units available at the beginning are small: condos, offices, and fast food. But as your tower gains stars, more and more different units are available. Hotel rooms, security, retail, parking, and even movie theatres.

Simtower gameplay

Sim Tower gameplay

Transportation is the other big factor that require your managerial skills. Giving your Sims a logical way of getting from the main Lobby to wherever they're trying to get, can be very difficult in large towers. The game uses a trip computer, much like SimCity's to really make sure your elevators, stairs and escalators are doing their job. There is also a limit to the number of each kind of item you can build. Stairs, escalators, and elevators are very limited, and there are also limits to the numbers of offices, condos, hotels,etc. that you can build.

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