SimTunes is media art "video game" created by Toshio Iwai with Maxis for the PC. It was a game that required you to draw a picture of dots with each different color dot represented a musical note unless it was part of the backdrop (black or bitmap). After drawing your picture you would then pick one of four Bugz, which sounded like an instrument or voice, to move over the picture to play the sounds created by the dots on the screen.

Originally SimTunes was being developed for the Super Nintendo (SNES) under the name Sound Fantasy which was not released after the game's development was complete. Therefore, not to put a completed game to wasted Sound Fantasy was renamed SimTunes and released for the PC. Recently the box-art and manual of the original game was displayed at a special exhibit celebrating Iwai's recent accomplishment on Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS in Tokyo. __FLAGS__

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