Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack (also known as Simon's Puzzle Pack, was released by Adventure Soft on January 1, 1998[1] for Microsoft Windows, much like Simon the Sorcerer's Pinball this game was viewed by many as a game created to merely keep the simon franchise in gamer's minds while Simon the Sorcerer 3D was being produced.

The Puzzle Pack contains three games:

  • Swampy Adventures – Where the player must help the Swampling through 50 levels of puzzles as he attempts to rescue his children from the evil Sordid.
  • NoPatience – This is a game containing four solitaire patience card games, featuring a unique Simon the Sorcerer themed deck.
  • Jumble – This is a twist of the sliding rearranging puzzle, as the puzzle is a constantly changing animation.

The Game also features a Desktop "Virtual Pet". This is known as "Demon in My Pocket". As well as three Simon the Sorcerer Desktop themes.


Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack was not widely released or publicised and as such fell into obscurity, this is perhaps best shown by lack of a score,[2] as well as GameSpot's page not containing a critic score or a user's score.[1]

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