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Simutrans Experimental, also known as STExp, is a fork developed by James E. Petts, based on the transport simulation game Simutrans, focused on the development of the Simutrans engine. It includes new special features, which attempt to create a more realistic game.

Compatible paksets

As in standard Simutrans game content (e.g. graphics, vehicle specifications and economic parameters) is contained in modules called paksets. In general experimental retains compatibility to all actively developed pakset of simutrans standard. However several of the extended features and the economic balancing requires specific paksets for experimental. Currently (as of version 8.0) only pak128.Britain supports most features.


This is brief summary of the main features distinguishing Simutrans-Experimental from standard Simutrans.[1]

File:Stexp waiting travellingTime.jpg

Economics and finance

  • More complex revenue calculation
  • Different debt handling
  • Industrial Obsolescence
  • Passenger generation
  • Journey time tolerance
  • Private car usage reduces passenger numbers
  • Obsolete vehicle running cost increase
  • Fixed monthly maintenance costs
  • Customisable city growth
  • Focus on larger scale scenarios
File:Stexp avgspeed comfort.jpg


  • More complex routing of goods and passengers
  • Overcrowding handling
  • Weight limits for railways and roads
  • Cornering
  • Hill climbing
  • Physics model for steam locomotives
  • Way constraints
  • Increased reversing times for unidirectional trains
  • Loading time


  • Automatic convoy replacing
  • Vehicle upgrading
  • Automatic signal building
  • City electrification

See also

External links

  1. Simutrans 102.3 Experimental 8.0 release thread

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