Sinistar Unleashed is an arcade videogame developed by GameFX Thechnology and published by THQ for the PC in 1999. The game is a pseudo-sequel to the 1982 arcade game, and so the original developers were not involved in its production.

Like the original game, Sinistar Unleashed consists in that a race of space dwellers, are using their Sporg slaves to create bio-mechanical weapons known as Sinistars and the player must stop them by moving level by level, one Sinistar at time, until you face the ultimate Sinistar.[3]

Despite not having the popularity of the original game, Sinistar Unleashed is best known for its very advanced quality graphics (compared to games such as Homeworld or Tomb Raider: Chronicles), for its sound system and the variety of 3-D movements available in the gameplay.[4]


The basis of Sinistar Unleashed is simple: You get through a wormhole into the alternate universe of the Sinistar, where your spaceship is transformed into a strange organic living spaceship. In center of each level is a huge jumpgate that evil worker drones (dwellers) are busy powering up by attaching sinisite crystals to it.

Once the gate is fully powered an enormous, a very aggressive boss monster comes out of it, the Sinistar. the primary mission is destroy the gate before the Sinistar can get through it or delay the arrival of the Sinistar as long as possible, and when it does come, destroy the Sinistar. Also, Enemy fighters patrol the area. The Sinistar and the gate can only be harmed using a special weapon, the sini-bomb.[2]


Sinistar Unleashed has 24 single-player levels along with five bonus levels. The weapon selection includes classic lasers and Sinibombs as well as newer additions like the concussion gun, lightning gun, charging photon, mind control gun, and the lightning storm.[3]


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 65.75%[5]
MobyGames 69/100[2]
Review scores
Publication Score
GamePro 2.5/5 [6]
GameSpot 6.0/10[7]
IGN 7.5/10[8]

The game received average scores from critics. GameSpot gave the game a 6 out of 10 score, reviewing that "Despite all the graphical gloss, it seems that GameFX is trying to stay true to the complexity - and the accompanying difficulty - of the original."[7]

IGN recommended the game, stating that "If you've been looking for an arcade-heavy title to give you a different experience from all the online RPGs you've been sucking away brain cells on, then this will keep you more than satisfied."[8]

Nash Werner from GamePro gave a mediocre score to the game, saying that "While the original was remarkable for its time, Sinistar Unleashed doesn't add anything to the spaceflight/action genre--save for its amazing graphics,(...),this remake of a legendary game fails to keep me coming back for more. For all the gorgeous graphics, it's just average fun."[6]


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