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Siroi Danmakukun (aka Shiroi Danmakukun) (ja: 白い弾幕くん, Mr. White Barrage) is a computer game created by shinichiro.h. It is fairly portable, implemented in C++ and SDL, and can be played on Windows and Unix. The player controls an orange ball and must avoid the white, blue and red balls the green ball creates to attack you. The game goal is to survive as much time as you can before a ball hits you. Game controls are the arrows, Z and X keys. Z is confirm and decreases your ball speed, X is cancel, and arrow keys move your choice in the menu and move the ball.

The moves of balls are written in BulletML. BulletML is a markup language which tries to describe the movements of bullets in various Shoot 'em ups accurately in human readable format. In fact some of moves of balls are taken from famous video games such as Darius and Xevious. Users also can write ball movements in BulletML (bml) files and add them to the game. Latest game comes with user-made 123 bml files.

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