Sister Psyche

Cover of City of Heroes, V2 #4

Real nameShalice Tilman
AffiliationsFreedom Phalanx
Previous affiliations
Notable powersTelepathy, Force Fields, 'Mind-Riding'
NotesThe hot chick. Every team needs a couple, right?

Sister Psyche is one of the primary heroes in the City of Heroes universe, but does not have a real-life dev behind the name.


Sister Psyche is a mutant with the powers of telepathy and telekinesis. She's one of the more free-spirited members of the Freedom Phalanx, and perhaps Manticore's closest friend. Like many telepaths, she has trouble blocking the thoughts of others and is afraid that she might be overwhelmed.

This fear largely stems from the time she spent in the body of the heroine Aurora Borealis. During a battle with the rest of the Freedom Phalanx, Shalice managed to save the team but was knocked into a coma in the process. Her mind began to wander, and her 'mind-riding' ability caused her to share residence in Aurora's body. Eventually she was able to return to her own body, but it was not an experience she enjoyed.

It was during all this that she lost control of Malaise. Malaise has both heroic and villainous personalities, while she had managed to keep the heroic side as her sidekick, during the transfer back to her own body the evil Malaise broke free. Although he seems to be currently good again, it is uncertain how solid that hold is.


Sister Psyche and Aurora both stand outside the hospital in Independence Port. She offers a task force for levels 20-25, with a focus on the Freakshow and one of their leaders, Clamor. It's a decent task force, although like all the 'classics' is not quite as good as newer ones.

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