Sludge Crawler is a side scrolling video game for the PC. It's about a gelatinous blob who has run out of soda in his house. He must go to the grocery store to pick up a bottle of soda. On the way there, there just happen to be enemies and weird places that are unavoidable because his world is 2D. The game features an original soundtrack by James Iarocci.

Powerups in Sludge's world are clay molds that re-shape the blob to change his abilities.

This game has been published by Manifesto Games: Sludge Crawler

The demo has one powerup, one combo move and two levels. The full version has four powerups, four combo moves, ten levels and a boss battle.

There is a 3D version currently in development using the Torque Engine with plans to release on the PC. Delirisoft said they are open to the possibility of an Xbox 360 release for Sludge Crawler 3D, but are not sure if it's viable unless they're able to publish through Xbox Live Arcade, as they haven't the means to produce actual CDs with the game on them.

They've said that the 3D version will have one large seamless world, five basic powerups, ten combo moves, miniboss battles and NPCs.

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