This book is a small journal of sorts that does not appear to have been in use for long. The entries appear to have been made by Lady Aribeth. Of particular note is the last:

"Maugrim has assigned me quarters with the other ambassadors, though I don't know for how long. He tells me that he serves a greater power, and hints that I will come to revere this being far more than I ever did Tyr.

"I do not know if that is true. I am not sure of anything anymore except that I have Fallen. Fallen out of love with my lord, my people and my God. I am alone in a world where there is no justice and no hope and I cannot... I cannot get these thoughts out of my mind.

"They burn my every waking moment and whisper me in my dreams. I shall go mad, I think, if I am not mad already. To do the wrong thing seems far better, however, than to do nothing at all. I am on this path now, and it only goes forward... perhaps at its end I shall find my own justice and the dreams will stop.

"I can only hope."