Small Rockets is a small British computer game developer founded in 2000 that creates and sells PC computer games online.


Small Rockets was born from the ashes of Fiendish Games, a department of Criterion Games, that was started to test the waters for delivering games online rather than through traditional retail channels. When Fiendish was shut down, the then head of department Jonathan Small set up Small Rockets to continue where Fiendish had left off. The company licensed the Fiendish games from Criterion, and most of the Fiendish employees moved with Jonathan to the new company. Work continued on several more PC titles and a Game Boy Advance title until in 2003 most of the employees had to be let go, largely for financial reasons.

Small Rockets continues however with Jonathan Small as sole programmer. According to the website, his new game, Red Ace Squadron 2, is due sometime in 2008.

Small Rockets Games

Games originally written as a part of Fiendish Games

Games released wholly by Small Rockets

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