Smilesoft Co.,Ltd. (スマイルソフト株式会社 Sumairusofuto Kabushiki Kaisha?) was a Japanese company that developed video games.[1] Its headquarters were in the CT Sasazuka Building (CT笹塚ビル CT Sasazuka Biru?) in Shibuya, Tokyo.[2]

Most of the games Smilesoft produced were monster-collecting console RPGs. It shut down in 2003 after the president of the company, Shuhei Iida (飯田 就平 Iida Shūhei?), was arrested on April 10 for charges of child prostitution at a female junior high school.[3] After shutting down, the licenses to its games were bought up by Rocket Company.[4] The company used the name "SMILE" to stand for Steady (堅実?), Moral (道徳?), Inventive (独創性?), Lucky (幸運?), and Effort (努力?).[2]

Games developed

  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
    • Telefang 2 Power (GBA, published by Natsume)
    • Telefang 2 Speed (GBA, published by Natsume)
    • Gachaste! Dino Device Red (GBA)
    • Gachaste! Dino Device Blue (GBA)
    • Digital Ehon Vol. 1: Imadoki no Momotarou (PS1)
    • Digital Ehon Vol. 2: Imadoki no Kaguya Hime (PS1)
    • Digital Ehon Vol. 3: Imadoki no Sarukani (PS1)
    • Digital Ehon Vol. 4: Imadoki no Hanasaka Jiisan (PS1)
    • Digital Ehon Vol. 5: Imadoki no Urashi Matarou (PS1)


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