Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a first-person shooter for the Xbox 360 and PC. It was released on June 29, 2010 for the Xbox 360 with the PC version released on June 24, 2010 via Steam.[2] The game is based around the role of the military sniper, which the developer has noted that the public interest of which has increased thanks in large parts to shows on channels like the History Channel or the Military Channel.[3] The game's objective is to insert players into the role of an elite sniper team sent into a hostile area in an attempt to help the rebels of Isla Trueno, a fictitious Latin American country, fight against the force who has toppled their government in a coup d'état.


In the game, players take the role of three characters for different missions, using a sniper character, Sergeant Tyler Wells, for long range missions and stealth assignments and a Delta Force operator, Private Anderson, as well as a Mexican rebel, El Trejon, for missions involving direct firefights. The main plot centers around a highly trained special ops unit that is sent into the fictional country of Isla Trueno, whose democratic government is to retrieve the stolen intel and be overthrown by a hostile force. It is the team's task to train and help the rebels in the region fight back by attacking the enemy forces in various sniping and close assault missions.[4]


Sniper: Ghost Warrior has received mediocre to negative feedback from critics. IGN gave the game a 5.5, praising the game's sniping mechanics but criticizing the game's design and running-and-gunning scenarios. GameSpot also gave Sniper a score of 5.5, praising the game's visuals and satisfying sniper cams, but criticizing the game's absurd difficulty in some areas particularly the enemy AI "that ranges from mindless to so magical it can spot you instantly." Eurogamer gave the game a 2 out of 10, citing graphical problems and unforgiving AI. GameZone gave the game a 4.5 out of 10, saying "The single-player campaign is a decent length, and there’s even an online multiplayer (if you can find anyone to play with). Unfortunately, Sniper is a “meh” experience with a very limited appeal; gamers with extreme patience and a passion for sniper rifles might enjoy themselves."[5] G4's X-Play, gave the game a two out of five, saying that its gameplay concept is interesting. However enemy A.I. is either very low, or very high, and also the game has a number of glitches, some of which can cause the player to die, should they occur.


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