There are 2 screens of player data on the various squad screens, one shows those attributes of the players that can vary from match to match. The other screen shows the players' long-term attributes. The screens can be switched between by clicking the right mouse button.

On the first screen the attributes are;

  • pst - player's natural position
  • sk - skill
  • form - current form
  • fit - current fitness
  • mtchs - number of matches played
  • goals - number of goals scored
  • dspn - disciplinary points
  • injury - injury

Form varies with the team's results, it usually rises with victories and drops with defeats (this only applies to players in the team). Fitness is unaffected by results, but full fitness can only be achieved by playing matches. At the end of a long season (when he has played more then 45 matches) a player's fitness will fall slightly unless he is rested.

Disciplinary points are collected when players are booked or sent-off. Players receive 2 points for each booking and between 10 and 30 points for a sending-off. When a player has 10 or more points he is suspended from playing matches, then for every match he misses his disciplinary points will be reduced by 10.

Injuries can occur at any time to any player but are far more likely to hit members of the first 11. Injuries go from 1 to 5, this denotes the minimum time for recovery but recovery will usually take longer (injuries will not decrease if players are used in matches). While players are injured their form and fitness will probably fall.

A player's skill level is his overall skill, the total of his various attributes.

On the second screen the attributes are;

  • pst - player's natural position
  • sk - skill
  • cnt - ball control
  • pas - passing ability
  • wrk - work rate
  • spd - speed
  • sht - long range shooting
  • hdg - heading
  • fin - finishing
  • tkl - tackling
  • agr - aggression
  • nat - nationality
  • age - age

The players' position abbreviations are as follows;

  • GO - goalkeeper
  • LD - left defence
  • CD - center defence
  • RD - right defence
  • LM - left midfield
  • CM - center midfield
  • RM - right midfield
  • LA - left attack
  • CA - center attack
  • RA - right attack

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