SMS2 was developed under Windows 3.1 and works extremely well under a standard Windows 3.1 setup (we know it has problems with some configurations but it is impossible to test every possible combination of Windows setup, utilities, and hardware).

It has been tested under Windows 95 and works reliably most of the time. Occasionally (we have no idea why) on first loading SMS2 the menu bar will be disabled, if this happens you must quit SMS2 and reload it, sometimes it takes a few goes before Windows 95 enables the SMS2 menus. There also seems to be slight differences in the way the two operating systems respond to the user and occasionally Windows 95 will ignore mouse or button clicks in SMS2 (the user may have to click on a button several times before it responds). The only other problem we are currently aware of is if the user has large fonts selected for their desktop, this will not stop SMS2 working but it will make some of the screens untidy.

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