Choosing from various task force characters such as the SAS, SEAL, Delta Force, and UDT which come with distinctive weapons under different statistics of recoil and rate of fire, the player can create his/her own personalized agent.

The various weapons throughout the game were created with more than ten different aspects in mind including operation type, amount and rate of recoil, rate of fire, and even the minimal movements of the view caused by the draw back. The game provides you with a dynamic and realistic experience as if you were actually on the battle field.

Game modes

  • Team Battle-A certain number of rounds first the first team wins or which other team kills the other team first (usually 8 or 10 rounds).

There exist four types of Team Battle.

  • The Dual Operation: The red team or the blue must acquire the objective and return it to their designated 'safe zone' to win the round. The teams may also kill all opposing members of the other team to win the round. Essentially, this mode is like Capture the Flag.
  • The Bomb Operation: The red team must plant a bomb and wait for it to explode. Even if blue team kills all of red teams players, blue team does not win until they defuse the bomb.
  • The Capturing Operation: The red team must extract the item to their base or eliminate all the opposing members of the blue team to win the round. The blue team must eliminate the members of the red team before they reach the safe zone with the item in order to win the round.
  • The Flee Operation: The red team must extract to a point on the other side of the map or defeat all opposing players to win the round. Blue team must defeat the entire red team to win.
  • Single Battle- This is basically a free for all battle where you kill people to a certain number (maximum of 30). The first person to get to the score wins.
  • Clan Battle: Essentially identical to Team battle; however the opposing teams are made up of members of opposing clans. Playing a Clan battle gives clan points, which raise the clan's ranks. Clan battles are officially done with both teams playing both sides of each map (red/blue) with 5 rounds each to determine the win % out of 10 total rounds.
  • No Sniper Mode: The No Sniper mode is enabled only in VIP rooms. Single, Team, and Clan battles may be chosen with this option. If this mode is chosen, sniper rifles may not be used for any purpose throughout in the battle at any time. The option to host a no sniper mode is available for purchase at the item shop.
  • Training Mode: This modes allows you to practice on thin wooden targets. These targets will either move or stay still, most of the time they will be still. When you achieve the target kills, the game ends and your stat sheet won't be affected. The training targets can come out of random places.
  • Team DeathMatch:In Team Deathmatch, the only objective is to take down the enemy! For each enemy you dispatch, you score points. Whichever team reaches 100 points first wins.
  • Capture The Captain: in Capture The Captain (CTC) the objective is to kill the opposing teams captain, identified by there oversized head, a teams captain starts with 1000 health and can regain hp by shooting the opposing teams captain in the head. players other than the captain respawn a few secconds after death but if the captain dies the team looses.
  • Capture The Captain 2:Info here
  • Sniper Match [Where you only can use Sniper Only battle on the current maps.

Add bonus points for special conditions such as: headshots, grenade kills, slashes, and multi-kills. Pick up ammo and replenish your stock after each kill. When you die, you respawn and can rejoin the fight immediately!

If an enemy kills you four times, they go onto your Hit List. You will be able to see their position behind walls in order to exact quick revenge. Be careful, you may be on someone’s Hit List also!



The British Task Force SAS (Special Air Service) is well respected by the Delta Force and the Navy Seal; the original Soldier Front of modern times.

The SAS has earned its fame as the most significant counter terrorist unit by successfully suppressing the terrorist attack on the Iran embassy in the United Kingdom in 1980. It has also participated in the German GS-9’sent such as the Stun grenade. These accomplishments have taken the unit to international level not to mention the American Delta Force was also built upon its assistance.S is in a joint alliance with the Delta Force, GSG-9, and other western nations, spreading its counter terrorism methods and techniques for further improvement with capital investment in high end weaponry and armory devices.

COST: 1000SP Rank Require: Private or above


When 11 Israel athletes were brutally murdered by the Palestine terrorists at Munich during the 1972 Olympics, the West German government felt the need for a special enforcement team for counter terrorism. Prime Minister Willy Brandt ordered Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Minister of Internal Affairs to create a specific division. However, with the ongoing pessimistic views of the world renowned SS unit of the Nazi Empire convinced them not to generate a league of military personnel but the Federal Border Police instead. This unit of Federal Border Police Officers is called the Grenzchutzgruppe (GSG-9) and is composed of 88 members. It gained its trust by successfully freeing 91 passengers of the Mogadishu flight terrorism at Lufthansa. GSG-9 was also requested to assist approximately 40 different countries such as Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

It is also known that even the SAS has requested assistance from the GSG-9 for the Iran embassy incident in Britain

COST: 1000SP Rank Require: Private or above


This significant counter terrorist unit has never failed to accomplish a single mission for the past 20 years operating approximately 560 different strategic assignments,suppressing 550 terrorists and rescuing 350 hostages successfully. The School bus rescue operation at Djibouti in 1976, the penetration of the sacred groundsof Mecca held by the Islamic people for a week, and the suppression of the hijacker at Orly Airport in Paris in 1983 are a few significant examples of their accomplishments. The most acclaimed rescue mission happened in 1994 when an Air France aircraft was hijacked. Four Islamic terrorists had taken over a domestic aircraft at the Houari Boumedienne Airport in Algeria and forcefully landed it onto the Marceau Marinan Airport embracing the French government into their own hands. The GIGN shot down the four hijackers and rescued 170 hostages spilling a whopping number of 1500 bullets within 17 minutes of operation.

The GIGN is currently supporting the Third World countries'counter terrorist training operations including Saudi Arabia. It is also known that the Korean Special Force is retrieving information from them as well.

COST: 1000SP Rank Require: Private or above


An unofficial elite special task force composed of the best agents around the American nation. It runs the Funny Platoon which is formed by female operatives; however its main description involves counter terrorist operations, special investigation, and hostage rescue missions.

The Delta Force’s main agents so called “Operators” count to 200~300 but with backup units, would count up to 2500. In 1989, they captured and held Panama’s significant military authority figure, Manuel Noriega in American custody. Manuel Noriega worked hand in hand with the special force team during the Gulf War by destroying the Scud missile launch facility in Iraq.

The Delta Force has also embedded itself into the Central and South American soil by suppressing drug deals in Columbia and successfully making arrests of criminal authorities in Bosnia.

COST: 1000SP Rank Require: Private or above


ARTC is what every soldier is known as until they join the ranks of the elite Australian Army, Navy, Marines or Special Forces.

The training one gains as an ARTC will help them survive on the battlefield and keep fellow soldiers alive. Recruits become an ARTC the second they enlist and will have no special armor or equipment beyond what they are given on their first day. Until they become a real soldier, they will go through weeks of extremely demanding training to move on to the battlefield.

Whether enlisted to become a member of the Special Force or a Marine on the front line, they will become the best of the best, assuming they can get through training first. They will see if they have what it takes to make something of themselves and help defend their county!

Cost:FREE(Starter Character)


The ROKMC, or Republic of Korea Marine Corps, is the name of Korean Marines that soon received the nickname "Ghost Busters" for the deadly force and precision.

They have been battle hardened through both the Korean and Vietnam wars. In their early years they received much support from U.S.A and soon developed a uniform with a similar 5 tone camouflage.

Equipped with AK-74's and M16's, they set the tone of battle on the field. The force has over 25,000 enlisted soldiers and is split into two divisions. The divisions are split between guarding their homeland and taking care of foreign affairs.

They continue to produce some of the most elite marines anywhere in the world and will always be a force to reckoned with.

COST: 1000SP Rank Require: Private or above


The KSF, or Korean Special Forces, is an elite commando unit of the Korean Marines. Their special weapons and tactics training is far more rigorous then the average marine.

Their skills were put to use in many counter-espionage missions, the number of which is classified. Being a much smaller group of soldiers, they had to engage in guerilla warfare. Using these tactics, they would take on forces vastly outnumbering their own. No nicknames were ever bestowed upon them; they came to be known simply as "The most feared military unit".

They continue to fight day to day in the spirit of a reunited Korea. Until then, the legend of the KSF will continue to grow as they accomplish mission after mission.

COST:1000SP Rank Require: Private or above


SRG (Shadow Ranger Group) have earned this name by remaining completely unidentifiable. They are a core group of elite soldiers that have remained an enigma for years.

Unlike groups like England's MI6, they have no national affiliation, making them even more deadly. They all stay in communication with leadership via multi-encrypted satellite technology. Still, agents rarely will meet each other personally unless a group operation is essential. Even then, misinformation techniques are used so that no identity can be verified.

Soldiers of no face and name receive a new identity for every mission. No one is exactly sure who controls the SRG. Some believe them to just be mercenaries for hire. Some believe they are controlled by many nations acting as one. Only one thing is certain, they get the job done.

Cost: 9900SP Rank Require 'Staff Sergeant' or above


The Soviet period's Spetsnaz was the largest and the most secretive special task force in the 70's to the 80's during the climax of the Cold War between the East and the West. Spetsnaz comes from the Russian, Spetsialnoye nazranie, which means, "an army with a reason". Its existence is never vividly stated or mentioned by the Western nations and even in the Warsaw Pact. The Spetsnaz was one of the most hardcore forces out there during the Soviet period, operating invasions, political propaganda, assassinations, and abductions. It was crucial for the Spetsnaz to become familiar with all types of weaponry and methods of using them. Techniques for pursuit, patrol, camouflage, observation and knowledge on how to survive, sabotage, airborne assaults, and sustain interrogations were a must. When the Soviet Union had undergone separation, the Spetsnaz also became a part of each of those individual regions, but it is now under a same uniform with no possible assumptions on its size. However, it is believed that its equipment and combat capabilities have descended. Now, there exists the MVD professional abductor group called Vympel, and OMON established during the Olympics in Mowscow. Among these groups, Alpha and Vympel have once successfully performed a presidential assault during the war with Afghanistan; however, in 1993 during the Russian coup d'tat, when refused to take President Yeltsin's order of attacking the House of Congress they paid the price.

Cost:1000SP Rank Require: Private or above

PSU (Private Sniper Unit)

The PSU has arrived (or as I like to call him, Solid Snake). He is extremely awesome and you can purchase a cowboy hat for him. It doesn't get much better than that!

*First 2 week after the update and the release of PSU you will get a free combat helmet 7d*

Cost:9900SP Rank Require: Captain or above

Force Recon

United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance, or FORCE RECON, units are special-purpose units akin to the U.S. Army Special Forces and are widely recognized as the "special ops" of the United States Marine Corps.
Marine Force Recon personnel, or "operators", operate in deep reconnaissance, and direct action; to convey military intelligence beyond the means of a commander's area of influence in the battlefield. They are capable of operating independently in combined methods of amphibious and ground operations by utilizing methods of conventional and unconventional warfare.http://

Cost:9900SP Rank Require 2nd Lit

Skull Mask

Skull Masks is release in halloween update.

Stats +0.3% Speed / +5% Special Point

The SkullMask has been removed.

There are many players whom have stacked it for a year or more. This is recommended since the Skull Mask is available only for a short period of time.

Boonie Hats

When NHN USA Soldierfront updated.

All Forces now have Boonie hats.

The one that has 0.5% Speed cost 800SP 

The one that has 0.6% Speed cost 900SP


Mulan is a  Special China Cash Character. Been in the China Specials for a long time.

COST: 21 G Coins


The various weapons throughout the game were created with more than ten different aspects in mind including operation type, amount and rate of recoil, rate of fire, and even the minimal movements of the view caused by the draw back. The game provides you with a dynamic and realistic experience as if you were actually on the battle field.

*G Coins : When buying weapons with G Coins they will have no rank limit.

Primary Weapons

  • Rifles
      • HORROR_TAR-21' [Weapon Bomb']
      • TYPE_89 [SP/G Coins] 48000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
      • AN94 [SP] '55000SP' Rank Required:Staff Sargent
      • G3A3 [SP/G Coins] 55000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
      • Cutie_M4A1 [Weapon Bomb]
      • FA-MAS [SP/G Coins] 58000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
      • MAC-10 [SP/G Coins] 55000SP Rank Required 2nd Lieutenant
      • Engraving AK74 [Weapon Bomb]
      • Golden AK-47S [Weapon Bomb]
      • AK-74 [SP] 33000SP
      • Alcad_AK74 [Weapon Bomb]
  • EVL_AK103 [SP/G Coins] 50000SP Rank Required 2nd Lieutenant
  • Tiger_Galil [SP/G Coins] 55000SP Rank Required 2nd Lieutenant
  • Red Famas [X-Mas 09 Event]
  • Camo AK74 [Weapon Bomb]
  • Galil [SP/G Coins] 53000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
  • SIG551 [SP] 45000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
  • M4A1 [SP] 22500SP
  • Dragon M4A1 [Event Weapon/Permament]
  • Alcad M4A1 [Weapon Bomb]
  • EVL_M16A2 [Weapon Bomb]
  • M16A2 [SP] 30000SP
  • Evl_Aug [SP/G Coins] 43000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
  • Steyr_Aug [SP] 25000SP
  • G36C [SP] 23000SP
  • K1 [SP] 29000SP
  • K2  [SP] 35000SP
  • Submachine Guns
    • Gold_UZI [Weapon Bomb]
    • UZI [SP/G Coins] 53000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
    • EVL_MP5 [Not for Sale]
    • MP5 [SP] 20000SP
    • P90 [SP] 25000SP
    • K7 [SP/G Coins] 52000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
    • MP7A1 '[SP/G Coins] 32000SP' Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
  • Sniper Rifles
    • FR-F2 '[SP] 33000SP'
    • DRAGUNOV [SP/G Coins] 56000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
    • PSG-1 [SP] 20000SP
    • Tango-51 [SP/G COINS] 65,000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
    • AWP [SP/G Coins] 54000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
    • M110 SASS [SP/G Coins] 46000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
    • Engraving PSG-1 [Weapon Bomb]
    • WA2000 [SP/G Coins] 75000SP Rank Required:2nd Lieutenant
  • Machine Guns
    • MG36 '[SP] 21000SP'
    • M134 [May Zombie Event 10] [Weapon Bomb]
    • M249 '[SP] 56000SP' Rank Require:2nd Lieutenant
    • Golden MG36 [Weapon Bomb]
  • Melee 
    • M9 [Default]
  • Grenade
    • RGD-5 [Expires/SP]   2500SP 7 Days
    • M67 [SP] 2000SP
  • Equipment Throwing Weapons  
    • VX Gas [Expires/SP] 2000SP 7Days
    • M18 Smoke  [SP] 700SP
    • Flash Bang [SP] 1500SP

Secondary Weapons

  • Shotguns
    • Remington M870 [SP] 43000SP
    • Benelli M1 [SP] 38000SP
    • Desperado [SP/G Coins] 39000SP Rank Require:2nd Lieutenant
  • Pistols
    • MR-73 [SP] 20,000SP Rank Require:Staff Sargent
    • Colt45 [SP] 19000SP
    • Glock [SP] 15000SP
    • Double MK23 [SP/G Coins] 52000SP Required:2nd Lieutenant
    • Beretta M92F [SP] 16000SP
    • Ltd. Beretta M92 [SP/G Coins] 56,000SP Rank Require:2nd Lieutenant
    • Desert Eagle [SP/G Coins] 45,000SP Rank Require:2nd Lieutenant
    • Compact M945 [SP/G Coins] 28000SP Rank Require:2nd Lieutenant


  • Blast Operation
    • Predator B
    • Night Hawk
    • KF815
    • BunkerBuster
    • Plasma
    • Satellite
    • Crossroad
    • Train
    • Desert Camp
    • Snow Camp [remove when they update for January patch.]
    • Missile Base
  • Dual Operation
    • Canyon
    • Fortress
    • Kinabalu
  • Capturing Operation
    • EMP
    • Nerve Gas
    • Hospital
    • Village
  • Flee Operation
    • Bridge
    • Shanghai
    • Neo Shanghai
    • Horror Shanghai
    • Venezia
  • Sniper Mode Maps
  •  Toy Tower
  •  Base Camp
  •  Team Death Match Maps
  •  Factory  
  •  Desert Camp
  •  Night Hawk


Listed Below are all of the Soldier Front Ranks and the Experience needed to reach the next. Starting from Staff Sergeant you may see a few numbers, this is because you keep the same Rank but get a different colour background to the Rank each time you level up.

The colour order goes as follows:

Brown 1 - Green 2 - Blue 3 - Red  4- Gold 5

Trainee: 0

Private: 3500

Private First Class: 4056

Corporal: 4667

Sergeant: 5339

Staff Sergeant: 6078, 6891, 7786, 8770, 9853.

Sergeant First Class: 11043, 12353, 13794, 15379, 17122.

Master sergeant: 19040, 21150, 23470, 26023, 28830.

Second Lieutenant: 31919, 35316, 39393, 44285, 50156.

First Lieutenant: 57200, 65655, 75799, 87973, 102581.

Captain: 120111, 141146, 166389, 196681, 233030.

Major: 276650, 328994, 391806, 467181, 557631.

Lieutenant Colonel: 666170, 796418, 952715, 1140272, 1365340.

Colonel: 1635421, 1959519, 2348437, 2815138, 3375179.

Brigadier General - Exp not known.

Major General - Exp not known

Lieutenant General - Exp not known

General - Exp not known

General of the Army - 1,000,000,000

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