Sonic Wings Special is the 4th arcade game for the Sonic Wings shooter.

Game playEdit


There are 6 teams, 12 pilots, and 12 fighters in this game.

USADollarMecha-KeatonF117N Sea Hawk
Captain SilverA-10 Thunderbolt II
Mao MaoF-15DJ Eagle
RussiaRubleVolkKa-50 Hokum
Chaika & PooshikaIL-102 Stormovik II
NATOECUAngelaRafale M
Cincia & EllenF-14 Tomcat
SwedenKronaKohful the VikingAJ-37 Viggen
T.B. A-10F-104 Star Fighter
Lord River N. WhiteAV-8 Harrier II Plus


There are 10 stages in the game, but only 7 are playable per game. After completing Stage 4, Stage 5 and 6 are chosen depending on player's performance. After completing Stage 6, one of Fight in Orbit, Another Dimension, or Mars becomes Stage 7, depending on player's performance.

In Fight in Orbit, Another Dimension, 1 of 2 different final bosses appear in the end. The actual boss is random?

If all lives are lost in Stage 7, continuing causes the game to start at the beginning of stage.


If the final Stage 7 boss is not defeated before it escapes, a boss-specific failure ending is shown.

A character-specific ending is shown if final Stage 7 boss is defeated. A stage-specific ending is shown.

Item systemEdit

After an item is revealed, the point value of the item increases the longer it stays on screen. The point value progresses at the sequence of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 10000 (maximum) points.

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