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Sorority Life is a game created by Playdom and played on Facebook by about six million users in any recent month.

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Open to any Facebook user (male, female, or unspecified), it offers a colorful experience indulging in glam, socializing, and (for those so inclined) attacking rivals.

Credits and levels

You start with a few credits in various attributes (with differing effects) such as energy, stamina, confidence, and popularity. Most socializing (the main way of rising from one level to the next) uses energy, but energy, like the other attributes, is renewed over time, up to your current maximum. You can choose which of those maximum levels to increase with the few skill points you gain at each new level and occasionally as a reward for an activity.

Play money

You pay a little "play money" for job training; thereafter you get an hourly salary; at higher levels you can pay a higher training fee for a more lucrative job. Money buys glam and other things; any not needed should be banked or it may be stolen by players who succeed in an attack against you.


Your avatar is a slim model whom you can dress any way you choose (with what you have won or can afford).

Invite friends

You are encouraged to get your Facebook Friends to become your Sorority Life sisters. The game structures that by saying your friend joins your house - and you become part of his or her house in the same action. That strengthens your game in a number of ways:

  • You can send them gifts (with some automated selection) and broadcast messages to all at once
  • You can vote for up to 25 sisters (with one click) per day; each recipient gets $50
  • Their levels of the various attributes (confidence, popularity, etc.) are combined with yours in any fight you have.

Brownie Points

A side activity in the game is the earning of Brownie Points. You get a Brownie Point for each new level achieved and occasionally get one as a reward for an activity. You can also pay real money for them. Brownie Points are spent in some activities and can buy some of the most exclusive items of glam (including the best boyfriends) as well as play money.

Other pages about Sorority Life on this site

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Page names

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Those pages can be further broken down with the use of standard wiki subpages, created with a slash and another word added at the end of the name, e.g. SL:level/033. Each of those shows an automatic link back to its "basepage" ("SL:level" in that example). However, most of our pages will probably just have the initial "SL:" followed by the name as it appears in the game.

Model pages and templates

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Playdom's "Fun Facts" include "» Best game feature: the Sorority Life avatar".

See also

  • Fairyland (also on Facebook; a more cooperative game)

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