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South Park Rally is a kart racing game based off of the cartoon, "South Park". It was developed by Tantalus Interactive and published by Acclaim for the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PlayStation, and Windows in 1999/2000.


The game contains a total of 14 different unlockable races. To unlock the new races you have to race through all 14 races in Championship mode to unlock them for play in arcade mode. The races are:

  • Rally Days #1 (City)
  • Rally Days #2 (City)
  • Cow Days (Farm)
  • Valentine's Day (Big Gay Al's)
  • Spring Cleaning (Sewer)
  • Read-A-Book Day (Forest)
  • Easter (Mountain)
  • Pink Lemonade (Big Gal Al's)
  • Memorial Day (Volcano)
  • 4th Of July (Mountain)
  • Halloween (Forest)
  • Thanksgiving (Farm)
  • Christmas Day (City)
  • New Year's Eve (Volcano)
  • Ass Battle
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