Space Channel 5 Part 2 is the sequal of Space Channel 5 In this game, the main character Ulala returns to take on a dancing troupe, the Rythmn Rouges, who are forcing people to dance and kidnapping them. This game was released for the Dreamcast and the Playstation 2.

Added features

In addition to the story mode, this game contained much more to do than the game before it. One example is the fact that there are now instrumental battles. The instrument is played by the players pressing the down directional buttons, though any directional button could be pressed. Singing battles in this game were played the same way. There is a 2P mode where one player controls the directional buttons (up, right, left, and down) and the other controls the action buttons (CHU and HEY.) This 2 player feature could be used in the standard story mode and the Ulala dance mode. Ulala dance is a 100 line dancing battle where the player has a single heart and no chances to mess up. Also new is the changing room feature where players can put the outfits and microphones they unlock during gameplay on Ulala and play the game with them. One other, slightly minor, feature that had been added was where the players could replay the game, but where the some of the lines had been changed.


This section contains how to unlock some of the costumes of the game.

Flower Costume- clear Report 2

Space-suit w/o helmet- clear Report 3

Space-suit w/ helmet- clear Report 4

Spy suit- clear Report 5

Old (orange) Retro Gear- clear Report 6

Super Ulala costume- clear Report 6

Morolian costume- clear Report 6

Dancing Purge costume- clear Report 6 World 2

Cloaked Purge costume- clear 100 stages in Ulala's dance battle in the morolian costume

Silver Robo suit- clear 7 stages in Ulala's dance battle in the morolian costume

Jaguar costume- clear Report 5 with 100%

Space Micheal suit- clear Report 4 with 100% ratings

Morolian Boss suit- clear ALL Reports with 100% ratings

Coconut Ulala suit- clear 53 stages in Ulala's dance battle

Stealth suit- play the game for 10 hours

Sexy Man suit- play the game for 20 hours

Chinese restaurant uniform- clear 100 stages in Ulala's dance battle.

Wimpy teacher suit- Rescue the wimpy teacher in Report 2.

Rescue team leader suit- Rescue the rescue team leader in Report 4.

88man suit- clear report 3 world 2.