Space Force: Rogue Universe is a space simulation computer game by Provox games. The game was released in North America in April 2007 DreamCatcher Games, and was released in Europe by JoWooD Productions and available in August 2007. It is to be later followed by Space Force: Captains.


The story begins with Jim and Jax Anderson hoping to see the military base where their father was taking off but they were too late. Up in space, their father is talking with a fellow pilot when his ship is destroyed by Union Forces. Years later, Jim and Jax had grown apart. Jim had joined the Earth Military Directorate to find his sister whom he promises to protect.


Jim Anderson

Jax Anderson


Earth Military Directorate In the year 2015, Earth had only the seasons of summer and winter, causing mass migration to USA, Central Asia and Europe. This caused a massive World War in which military technology became more destructive. At the brink of catastrophe, the alien species known as the Ord attacked, killing 1.5 million people at the first strike and another 2 million at the next invasion. The planet's militaries mobilized and joined together, forming the Earth Military Directorate. They recruited boys and girls into their ranks, training them in the combat of past history, strategies and tactics. In 2060, driven for revenge for the lost people in the two invasions, the EMD invaded the Ord colonies at the system of Goe and slaughtered every last Ord by 2080. They colonized one of the system's planets as New Terra.

Union Force - A number of humans who felt guilty about what happened in Goe tried to use diplomacy to achieve peace. At the end of the Ord genocide, the leader of the separatist group, Jonathan Hakes formed the Union Force or the UF for short. They gained control of EMD technology, bringing about their new army. However, the EMD sent in an entire fleet to deal with the rebels but they were wiped out by the Yah-na-ra. The UF took advantage of victory to try to take Earth without success. Unfortunately for them, EMD Chief Commander Thomas Warden arrested any spies on Earth. Looking for allies, the UF made an alliance with the Makkanists for mines but the cyborgs switched sides. The UF then collaborated with pirates to infiltrate the EMD, which is considered unhonourable among the EMD. But the Ord were not pleased that the UF wanted to try peaceful solutions and joined the EMD in exchange for their homelands, which the EMD would never give back. Along with the Yah-na-ra, the UF hoped to bring peace to Earth. However, the war between the two factions lead right up to the mid 25th century.

Ord - The history of the Ord is the bloodiest in all space travel history. In constant wars, the Ord were defending their home, the Nebel system, from a number of hostile species and such events resulted in a merciless and bloodthirsty civilization who believed that fighting is the only option. They then expanded their territory outside of Nebel and to find new opponents, they fought against the Makkanists who were much stronger that they were in technology and strength. The Ord tried continuously to bring down the machines but had no success. They then entered the Solar system and attacked the humans living there when they tried to make peace. Negotiation was the not the way of the Ord and was perceived as cowardice. Several decades later, humanity struck back and killed every last Ord in the productive system of Goe. Centuries later, the Ord worked as mercenaries for the EMD to exterminated the UF in exchange for the return of Goe. However, the Ord were planning to destroy the EMD and Earth, mainly because of their alliance with the Makkanists.

Chulta Olirion- is an exclusevly female society.Legend says the God had two daughters:Nauri and Olirion.

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