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Space Station: Silicon Valley

Space Station: Silicon Valley was a game published by Take 2 Interactive for the N64. It was a comical game set in the future, following the adventures of Dan Danger and Evo, Heroes for Hire.

The Plot

1,000 years ago, Professor Cheese designed and put into space Space Station Silicon Valley, an environment full of hosts of different robotic animals. Hours later it went missing, never to be seen again. That is, until now, the year 3000, when it suddenly returns and is on a collision course with earth. The Professor was victimized by the robotic animals on the space station, and the World President, Mrs. Frank Black, hires Dan Danger and his robot sidekick, Evo, to address this threat. Unfortunately, as our heroes blast through space to meet the station, a fight over the radio breaks out between Dan and Evo and they run into an asteroid, sending them crashing down to the surface of the station. Dan is trapped under their spaceship, and Evo is reduced to a tiny fragment of himself, his body parts scattered over the four separate ecosystems of Space Station Silicon Valley. With Dan incapacitated, it is up to EVO to defeat and use the bodies of the robot animals to get back his body parts and save the earth!

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