Chapter 1

  • Civilian to the right recommends contacting Crimson Corporation, or Peter Mikhail on the second level.
  • When you meet him (he's marked by a yellow '!', he asks to find 5 boxes of hydraulic fluid).
    1. Corner, to the far left of where greeter bot is found.
    2. Under the stairs of the bar
    3. Second floor, on roof above greeter bot.
    4. Second floor, far left, in alcove.
    5. Second floor, on a sign.
    • There are other boxes scattered randomly.
  • Find Dex Renor. He's on the first floor, in the building to the right of the bar.
  • He transports you to the moon. Speak with the other contact; to start, she asks you to complete a mini deathmatch game.

Chapter 2

  • Travel between Earth and Moon. You need to obtain $1500000.

To collect:

  • 8 energy cells
  • 5 platinum
  • $10000 (optional)


  • Robot underground:
    • Ask Greeterbot about the news, and obtain 1 unit of Oil for Greeterbot.
    • Get 8 Energy Cells for the Robot Underground. You can find them on the moon.
    • Reward: $250000
  • Graham Stowgrat:
    • Look for him on the moon, and speak with him. Find Sarah Linkha.
    • Sarah will start you on a combat mission.
    • Reward: 10 Q-N Components, and you get to look at his stock.
  • Beth Braskey:
    • Look for her on the moon. She asks to defeat Orel Krondo. His men frequent a cafe on Earth.
    • With $10000, you can convince them to abandon Krondo, and make them easier to defeat.
    • Reward is 15 additional cargo slots. Turn in the quest after buying max from the mechanic.
  • Routhe Asaad:
    • Look for him on the moon. He requests 5 platinum, available only on Earth.
    • Reward: 5 dark matter.

Chapter 3

The Three Factions
  • You need to find an ally. The Mechanic recommends either Argent Conglomerate, Faz Galactic, or Falkos Trading Company, each of which has a representative on different planets. It is not possible to pay Barris off with funds.


  • Gorden Yex found on Earth, first floor outside (against a wall).
    • At Water Treatment Facility 604, Terra Yex asks to taint the water supply. Bring 60 Shara pods. This will spike the price of purified water.
    • You can also turn them into the Ministry of Accountants for $150000.
  • Charles Dekord (Mars): find 7 passengers to Jupiter.
    1. Mars: Two adventure brothers on the upper floor.
    2. Venus: Two entrepreneurs on bar of Venus.
    3. Earth: Two bored men on stairwell.
    • Reward: $150000 for 6 passengers.
  • Roger Leiss (Mars): You need morphine, shara pods or ZX dust before speaking to him as you will not be allowed to leave the area until completion or failure of subquest.
    • The Janitor gives the code 5-2-6-4
    • You will need Morphine, Shara Pods, or ZX Dust, but this subquest will fail if you don't have those items.
    • Reward: $125000
  • Jara Lenn (Venus): Robot hostages on Station 780.
    • Talk to the door bot to get access. On the left corridor, look for a key card behind crates at the final turn.
    • In the right corridor, you can get the Override code from Eric Tomes.
    • Return to the main area, and use the override code given.
    • Reward: You can get Energy Cells.
Sally Barris
  • Dex Renor (Earth; auto assigned): Break into the Ministry of Accounts Record Room on Venus; look for a contact Eric Dans.
    • He is in the same room as the Contrabot. You will need 50 energy cells. This won't block if you started on the quest, but you will have to leave planet if the merchant selling them won't talk to you.
    • Obtain the two items, and return them to Dex Renor for ~$3 million.
  • Ultimately, you want to break free of Sally. There are three possible main quest chains that can be used. Those three are mutually exclusive.
Argent Conglomerate
  1. Aun Argent (Merchant, Earth): hand a package to Ministry of Accounts Auditor, located on Mars.
    • He is located on the upper floor, in the same room as Dorai.
  2. Look for Gil Tartui on Venus. You will need to offer $150000 to have him move to Earth.
  3. Corporal Theed with Ministry of Accounts is causing problems. Speak with the assistant Merien Sayeed to do a combat mission.
  4. Send a peace offering to Vice Admiral Ganth onto the Representation (Venus). You can reach that ship by speaking with the officer near the entrance. (Bring along 25 morphine for a mini side quest).
  5. Bring $20 million to assistant Merien Sayeed on Earth to do a combat mission on Sally Barris.
Falkos Trading Company
  • Jenn Falkos (Merchant, Venus): Ask for commodity sampler from Ricky Bates (Mars) and Adrian Oram (Earth)
  • Deliver a package to Head Auditor Vrunt on Cargo Ship.
  • Speak with Cleanerbot AJX in train on Mars to do a combat mission on Alex Grodd.
  • Threaten L.S. Bryant (Merchant, Earth) to leave the planet.
  • Bring $20 million to Cleanerbot AJX on Earth to do a combat mission on Sally Barris.
Faz Galactic
  • Mirela Faz (Merchant, Mars): Wants delivery of 45 Ketralite to Dan Howle on Venus.
  • Speak with Dan Howle on Earth to do a combat mission on Alice March.
  • Deliver 15 Shara Pods to Vice Admiral Ganth onto the Representation (Venus). You can reach that ship by speaking with the officer near the entrance. (Bring along 25 morphine for a mini side quest).
  • Speak with Dan Howle on Venus to do a combat mission on Saul Forbe.
  • Bring $20 million to Dan Howle on Earth to do a combat mission on Sally Barris.

Chapter 4

Engine Trouble
  • You need to travel between different cargo ships and convoy flagship to make repairs and complete the trip to Jupiter after being stranded in space due to encountering an ion storm during the trip.
  • Captain Zelnick will ask you to retrieve Engine Parts from Cargo Ship.
    • Speak to Chief Engineer Welshie in Cargo Ship.
    • Speak to Cargo Manager in Luxury Merchant Ship.
  • Return to Captain Zelnick in Convoy Flagship to do a combat mission on Pirate Pete.
  • Do a combat mission on Captain Odd.

Chapter 5

  • You need to become a master trader. You need at least 1 merchant for every major location, as well as hiring a business manager and a headquarters.
  • Travel at any point during this chapter while carrying any goods may have Ministry of Accounts agents, analysts and auditors boarding your ship to impose a tax or begin a combat mission.
  • Ministry of Accounts is on Ganymede and Europa.
  • Ganymede is closed until you can enable trading. Speak with the people, and with Auditor Horus. (You need $1500000.) After paying this, you can take a job at the bartender nearby, and return to purchase office space on Europa.
  • MoA Flagship: You need to spend $100000 to access Europa.
  • Lieutenant Dan gets "kidnapped" on Europa after 5 travels. Trading there gets locked down. Look for Snitch, for a combat mission against Dett. Alternatively, travel to Convoy and speak with Lieutenant Steve, then head to Io, and locate Lieutenant Dan in the bar. Lieutenant Dan may also be located in reactor area behind Jenn Falkos. Reach the area by crawling under steps to platform Jenn Falkos is on and then dropping down.
Business network
  • Ganymede will be available for 2 million, if you dispose the MoA. You can lie about Europa offering a lower price to reduce the price to $1.25 million.
  • Ryan from Io will be a business manager after disposing the thugs.
    • Do a combat mission on Donna Faz.
  • Ryan will ask you to hire Leland and invest $1 million in him on Ganymede.
  • Hire Sova and invest $1 million in her on Io.
  • Hire Daleb and invest $1 million in him on Convoy Flagship.
  • Hire Teresa and invest $1 million in her on Europa.
  • When you complete the network, you will gain about $5 million on each visit.

  • Greeterbot XK-CD is found in the first location by speaking to Greeterbot SX80. He gives a $400000 bounty for a combat mission on John Connor.
  • XK-CD then asks you to obtain 10 electronics.
    • Reward: 10 gems and 2 cargo slots.
  • Johnny Salvage is found at corner above your spaceship in Io. He gives a $10000 bounty for a combat mission on Pirate Captain.
    • Option to enter cargo ship.
    • Pops will ask for $20000 to open door.
    • 6 energy cells behind door.
    • Locke will ask for $15000 to open next door.
    • 6 energy cells behind door.
    • Dolf will ask for $50000 to open last door.
    • Numerous item pickups and 10 energy cells from Reg Huxley in last area.
  • Robert Tritex is found in Tritex Water Treatment Facility on Europa by speaking to Tritex Water Rep.
    • Bring 15 staple foods.
    • Reward: $20000
    • Bring either 2 Gems or 20 Silver.
    • Reward: $100000
    • In the final step, get 50 Bananabis (for $300000), 30 Organs (for $600000) or 20 Stem Cells (for $900000)

Challenge 1

  • Routhe Assad (Moon)
    • Deliver 10 Arpulators to earth.
    • Reward: 5 cargo slots
  • Beth Brasky (Moon)
    • Kill Sally Barris. Reward is $1500 + $2000.
  • Dan Howle (Earth)
    • Get 20 Shara pods. Reward: 2 silver. He refers you to Roger Leiss on The Moon.
    • You can turn him in to the Contraband Officer on the lower floor for a $500 reward.
  • Peter Mickael (Earth)
    • Get 3 postcards from each location.
    • reward: 5 cargo slots
  • Roger Leiss (Moon).
    • Must complete Dan Howle's task first.
    • Get 5 Ketralite. Reward: 5 Cargo slots.
  • Michelle Sander (Convoy)
    • Must complete Roger Leiss first. Bounty run.
    • Reward: $5000 + 1 Gems

  • Bounties
    • $1000 (Alex, Earth)

Challenge 2

  • Contraband ring:
    • Dan Howle (Venus) wants 15 Shara pods. He gives 20 bananabis, and refers you to Roger Leiss on Mars.
    • Roger Liss (Mars) wants 5 silver. He gives $17000. He may be turned in.
    • Jan Seffron (Earth) wants you to bring 10 gems to Mars for Don Braggio. Say there is no password. Reward is $400000.
    • Don Braggio (Mars) asks to take out Rick Thorn (Bounty $175000)
  • Harry (venus) wants postcards. He increases cargo size by 15 units.
  • Dale March (March) has a bounty ($5000 for Chris Brass) but can be turned in to Contraband officer.
    • Tyr Durnat (Earth): Transport 15 spices to Dale March. Dale redirects it to Faye Carrol on Venus. Ultimate reward is $15000.
    • Faye Carroll (Venus) has a bounty ($50000 for Hastur Sayeed)
  • Maryeen Sayeed (Earth) has a less-than-legal bounty ($2500 for James Croft)
  • Bounties:
    • Bartender (Venus) has a bounty: Crusher Carl ($250), Brad Krugger ($3000), El Gato ($25000)
    • Bartender (Mars) has bounties: Sandra Bays ($500), Somo Fradd ($15000)
    • Bartender (Earth) has: Dirk Braddock ($1500), Donna Faz ($7500)

Challenge 3

  • Bounties:
    • Bartender (Convoy): Cary Connel $5000, Deedee Furlough $75000
    • Bartender (Ganymede): Sonja Brass $10000, Scott Fando $100000
    • Bartender (Io): Darren Bale $25000, Eli Gates $250000
    • Bartender (Europa): Brian Kalgon $50000
  • Commodities:
    • Convoy has cheap bananabis (40-70 -> 200-450), cotton (140-165 -> 100-450), slightly cheap Ketralite (500-2200 -> 700-3440)
    • Ganymede has cheap staple foods (2-8 -> 300-600) and Shara Pods (200-275 -> 260-900).
    • Io: Expensive Antibiotics (500-650 instead of 220-500), Cheap Iron ore (40-69 -> 375-1200)
    • Europa has expensive Ivory Tusks (500-600 instead of 90-270), cheap Purified Water (400-500 -> 6000-20000) This doesn't apply to the first visit.
  • Europa:
    • Ian Weyoun is asking for help on Joss Connor ($50000) - Until this is resolved, there is limited sales. Also, check with the merchants before committing to travel, they might have better deals than the merchants on Europa itself.
  • Wyatt Rand: Only gives missions if you have a fugitive rating.
    • Deliver 1 Arpulator to Traderbot HWX3000. ($500)
    • Speak to Contraband Officer.
    • Speak to Carston Sr. on Io.
    • Fight Boss Drog. ($10000)
    • Reward: $1.5 million.
  • Io:
    • Dan Howle wants you to assassinate Chris Brass for $5000. He then referrs you to Wyatt Rand

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