Spartan: Total Warrior units


  • Allied Swordsman: Armed with swords and shields.
  • Allied Hoplite: Armed with spears.
  • Spartan Archer: Armed with a bow and arrows.
  • Sapper: These carry a bomb to enemy structures. Once primed, the sapper is armed with a dagger and retreats from the battlefield.
  • Allied Gigantes: Appears only as an Arena Challenge extra.


  • Roman Recruit: Basic enemy soldier. Even though they have a shield, they die easily.
  • Roman Soldier: A small step above the Roman Recruit. Can block attacks, but they still die relatively easily.
  • Roman Archer: Armed with a bow and arrows.
  • Heavy legionary: Backbone of the Roman army. Equivalent to Allied Swordsmen in terms of gameplay and durability.
  • Centurion: Leaders of Roman armies. Cannot be killed by a single rage attack when the Spartan is only a warrior. All of them resemble Marcus the Centurion, the Roman military adviser from Rome: Total War.


  • Barbarian Warrior: Armed with a large club. Equivalent to the Roman Recruit.
  • Barbarian Raider: Wielding swords. they are equivalent to the Roman Soldier.
  • Barbarian Hunter: Armed with throwing axes.
  • Berserker: Armed with sharp knives on their hands, they are equivalent to the Centurion. They act as bodyguards to Beowulf.
  • Gigantes: Giant creatures that are a threat to any soldier even the spartan.
  • Strong Gigantes: A special type of Gigante that, while it has the same strength as a normal one, it is harder to kill because it has more health. The only one of these in the game is one of the 2 Gigantes in "The Wild Bunch" chapter.


  • Praetorian Guard: The basic Praetorian soldier.
  • Praetorian Archer: Armed with a bow and arrows.
  • Praetorian Legionary: A tougher variety of Praetorian Guard.
  • Praetorian Carnifex: Strong soldiers armed with long swords which they use as shields.
  • Infernus: Armed with a flame thrower.
  • Assassin: Fast soldiers that are a challenge to even the Spartan. They can use their twin swords as shields and can evade even direct rage attacks. Somewhat resembles the Arcani unit from Rome: Total War.


  • Undead Warrior: Zombified remains of a Roman Soldier. Will continually return to life unless stomped on or stabbed while on the ground.
  • Skeleton Warrior: Skeletal remains of Greek and Trojan warriors who died during the Trojan War, reanimated through sorcery. Impervious to arrow attacks.
  • Skeleton Archer: Identical to the Skeleton Warrior, but armed with a bow and arrows.


  • Hoplomachus Heavy Axe Gladiator: A large, powerful, heavily armored warrior armed with battle axes.
  • Thracian Light Arms Gladiator: Agile, but unarmored, gladiator spearman.
  • Retarius Trident Gladiator: Similar to Thracian Light Arms.


  • Male Villager: Found in the village that is attacked by barbarians. Incapable of combat.
  • Female Villager: Found in the village that is attacked by barbarians. Incapable of combat.
  • Athenian Male: Resident of Athens. Incapable of combat.
  • Athenian Female: Resident of Athens. Incapable of combat.

Heroes and villains

  • The Spartan: The player character. On a quest to of revenge against the Romans for attacking Sparta.
  • Castor: Armed with a long spear. One of the Spartan's best friends, he accompanies him on his journey to fight the Romans.
  • Pollux: Another one of the Spartans friends and Castor's brother. Armed with a sword and shield.
  • Electra: Amazon princess rescued by the Spartan and castor from the Roman camp. Aids them in their quest to destroy the Roman Empire.
  • King Leonidas: The ruler of Sparta.
  • Archimedes: Scientist and leader of the resistance to liberate Athens from Roman rule.
  • Talos: Giant mechanical man created by the Roman Empire to destroy Sparta.
  • Medusa: Queen of the Gorgons, she has the devastating power to turn men into stone with a single glance. She is captured by the Romans and used in an attempt to destroy Sparta.
  • Crassus: Roman general. Armed with Medusa's shield, which is able to turn men to stone.
  • Beowulf: Chief of the barbarians. Able to create deadly fire and armed with his warhammer which causes small earthquakes.
  • Nemesis: A clone of the Spartan armed with the Spear of Achilles.
  • Hydra: A multi-headed serpentine monster which roams the ruins of Troy.
  • Sejanus: Praetorian prefect and ruler of Athens following its fall. Able to teleport himself, fire flaming bolts, shield himself from attack, and raise the dead to fight at his command.
  • The Minotaur: A large creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull. Captured by the Romans and forced to fight in the coliseum, but he escapes in the sewer.
  • Tiberius: Emperor of the Roman Empire.
  • Ares': The god of war, he guides the Spartan in his quest.

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