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Spekilas is a relatively large rock and ice planet known for its deposits of magnetically active periclase, which interferes with some starship scans. Conspiracy theories and pulp adventure claim that secret fortresses are concealed under the ice. The Reaper invasion force appears to have passed the planet by, which is likely the only insight that organics will ever have into the Reapers' literary taste.

Facts about "Spekilas"RDF feed
Atmospheric PressureTrace +
Day Length49.9 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameSpekilas +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameSpekilas +
NamePageSpekilas +
NamesSpekilas +
Orbital Distance21.0 AU +
Orbital Period96.5 Earth Years +
PageNameSpekilas +
PageTypeElement +
Radius7,594 km +
Surface Gravity1.18 G +
Surface Temperature79.15 K (-194 °C, -317.2 °F, 142.47 °R) +

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