Spellbound is a German developer of computer games based in Kehl, Germany. The company was founded in 1994 by Armin Gessert. The company is best known for the Desperados Series. They are currently developing Arcania: Gothic 4, part of the Gothic series. It is Spellbound's first entry into the series, which was previously developed by Piranha Bytes.


Since its founding in 1994 Spellbound has been dedicated to the development of unique computer games, among which were the internationally very successful Airline Tycoon and Desperados series'.

Founder Armin Gessert, who has successfully been working in the games industry since 1984, characterizes the philosophy of his development company as follows: "Every game that leaves our studios has to guarantee the unmistakable Spellbound feeling. This goes for gameplay as well as the typical visual style."

It is also one of our highest priorities to develop games that are as free of errors as possible as nothing is worse than a customer going out and buying something for entertainment and getting only frustration. In order to ensure this Spellbound has its own testing department.

More than 40 designers, programmers, authors and artists, all of them passionate gamers, work in Kehl on the Rhine. In addition Spellbound has several years experience working with a set cadre of freelancers and cooperates with development partners from all over the world.[1]

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